Lamley DLM: Opening Hot Wheels American Muscle and Pickups…

I am pretty proud of DLM (Diecast Liberation Movement) skills.  There have been very few models I haven’t been able to open.

My “don’t bump the camera” skills need some help.  This video could have been better had I not bumped the camera and missed that it turned off.  Because my dramatic opening of the RLC Texas Drive ‘Em was never recorded.  Always fun to look down and see that nothing was recorded.  But I did my best to salvage it.

Anyway, these are some pretty cool models I have accumulated over the last few months.  And boy do they look good opened.  American Muscle & Pickups is the theme today.


Some pics, from both setups:

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  1. Gotta respect your freedom effort. It's only a true collector that free's them from the card.
    They are Loose or your a loser, death to scalpers…

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