Whatever happened to the Hot Wheels Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SV?

It’s been five years.  Five years and a lot of Hot Wheels Lamborghinis later.  And still no new version of the Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce.

There have been Aventadors.  And Aventadors with an initial.  Estoques.  Gallardos.  Venenos.  Urus.  Sesto Elementos.  Huracans.  Super Trofeos and Leggeras.  And quite a few of each.

But no Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce.  To quote the new president, “Sad.”

It really is sad.  In a sea of Lambos, the Murciélago SV is one of the best.  When Hot Wheels released the really impressive Huracan Super Trofeo last year, the quality reminded me of the SV.

Heavy on details, and clean in looks, the Murciélago made its splendid debut in the currently-adored but previously-scorned Speed Machines in 2011.  A year later it looked equally sleek in white in the Walmart-exclusive Decades line.

And then nothing.

What happened?  For one, it could be that no one wanted to keep typing “Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce” in the tool list.  Copy-and-paste is what I am doing, but it is a handful.  Ok maybe not.

Maybe the tool is lost.  Maybe Lamborghini decided not to approve the casting anymore.  Maybe there are too many parts to merit use in the basic range.  Maybe there hasn’t been a decent spot for it in a premium assortment.  Maybe a combination of all.

I can’t speak to the whereabouts of the tool.  Or licensing, or whether or not it is a good candidate for the basic range.  But I can say it would be fantastic in a premium range.  Look at Forza or Gran Turismo last year.  It would have worked beautifully in both.  Look at Car Culture.  A supercar assortment seems to make sense, and it would work perfectly there too (although we need a better supercar wheel).  The Murciélago, a McLaren, an Aston, a Pagani, and maybe that dreaded Agera.  I am sure you guys have better ideas, but for the sake of this article, keep the Murciélago in there.

Whatever and wherever and whenever, I hope we see it again.  But if we don’t, at least we have two very nicely done releases.  They are just getting a little harder and harder to acquire.  But worth it though.

Until Hot Wheels releases a new one…

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  1. Don't lose hope. The F1 GTR is coming back this year, so who knows? Maybe the Murcielago SV is slated for a return in 2018 or 2019. Besides, the Aventador has gotten the SV treatment, too. A Then and Now shoudn't be that far-fetched, now, right?

  2. It's a shame, such a beautiful casting, so many different ways to customize..i'm glad i have the decades one…maybe who knows in the near future…i'd like to see a series lamborghini targeted like the forza or gran turismo with just lamborghini..including the listed above

  3. When has hot wheels ever produced lamborghinis that weren't current except for maybe the countach and the Reventon, oh and veneno? Diablo quit being a hot wheels when the real ones quit being produced, gallardo, same, gallardo superleggera, same, murcielago, same. Huayra also no longer in production with #100 being recently delivered, I suppose it could be argued that the veneno is current except all 3 models were delivered a while ago. Nice of lamborghini to give hot wheels such liberty with the colors on that one considering all that were produced as a coupe were grey. The gallardo in the premium line likely slipped through due to it being in a video game. Maybe google would be a helpful resource for a blogger.

  4. I feel incredibly lucky to have snagged the yellow Speed Machines Murci when they were on the pegs years ago…it remains one of my very favorite Lambos.

    I'd love for Hot Wheels to branch out and do some older Lamborghinis. Matchbox already did the Miura and LM002 brilliantly, but it'd be so cool to see one or the other brand tackle:

    – early Countach (before it gained the ostentatious bodykit)
    – Espada
    – Urraco

    I'd include the 350 GT/400 GT in that list, but that's one that would be much more suited to Matchbox than HW

  5. 2020 Brings Good News! images of the SV’s second coming has surfaced online, in a lamborghini 5-pack alongside a veneno, huracan supertrofeo, aventador j, and a gallardo superleggera!

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