The Matchbox Subaru WRX STI Police is a great addition to the fleet, but not all is right…

Matchbox police cars are a mixed bag for some of you.  There are so many cars out there that collectors want to see get the “Matchbox Treatment”, meaning realism compared to the more racing and modified style of Hot Wheels.

So when you say Subaru is doing the latest WRX STI, there is bound to be excitement.  It gets a little mixed when you find out it is going to be a police car.  Especially since Matchbox already did one a few years ago.  For me?  I love it.  It seems to fit the direction of Matchbox, and it is always welcome especially with overseas police liveries.  The Matchbox fleet of police cars grows with this one, and fits in nicely with the older Impreza and Mitsubishi Evo Police.

But yeah, it would be super cool to see a stock, street version of the STI from Matchbox.  Gold rims, blue body, and front and rear detail.  That would be tasty.  So I get why many would rather see that.

But it is a police car, and it debuts in 2017 with a UK-inspired livery that matches the previous release of the Evo Police.  They make a great pair.

Even cooler, the Subaru sports front detailing as well (blank on the back), giving it a more complete look to match the Mitsu.  Pretty darn cool.

But my guess is you are looking at the photo above and noticing what I notice.  Something isn’t right with the STI.  It just looks a little off.  If I think WRX STI, even WRX STI Police, what I see in my head is not what I see here.

First thought, it sits too high.  Second thought, it is a bit squashed.  The real car isn’t big compared to others, but still this one looks like it got squashed from both sides.  The hood bulges a bit, and the stance exaggerates that even more.  Compare it to the last Matchbox STI, especially at the front and rear.

So yeah, bummer.  This one still goes in the collection, with all the other Matchbox police cars, but yeah, it leaves a little to be desired, especially with the good looks of the other 2017 releases like the Chevy Van, Tuk Tuk, and 6×6.  You win some and lose some.

Look for this in the spring/early summer, and as always, many thanks to Matchbox and Mattel for sending the model for preview…

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  1. Flaws for Subaru Sti Police

    Cars wheels look to sporty for a police car
    Car is to high and squished
    The light bar looks like a sunroof
    The spoiler doesn't fit right

    Contender for “Worst Licenced Matchbox Model of 2017”

  2. That's disgusting: and this is why more people collect Hot Wheels. Even with the amount of generics they produce, they nail nearly every licensed casting. They have actually interesting premium lines. I try to get excited about “Matchbox is back” but they aren't back until the models actually excite someone. Be honest: do you actually want to see stock trucks and ugly vans? Hot wheels does it right by making cars that people actually like. This would have been so much better stock.

    Anyway, nice pics as always.

  3. It doesn't look like the real car at all. Its stabce is too high, wheels too big, body isn't proportioned, the light bar is hideous and the spoiler is too slanted. I was really very excited for this car but it falls short of my expectations. Look at the old Impreza amd even the Evo and you'll know why.

  4. Alone and next to the Evo it looks off. But next to the older version it looks more correct. I am a mainly emergency collector so a police version is on my hit list. But I am not a fan of the new LED style integrated (or any of the integrated) lights. SO for that reason I would prefer either a stock version or the older add on light.

    I also wish we would see one of these Japanese police cars in a Japanese police scheme. It really is no brainer.

  5. Ok just look at both of them! Tell me the first thing that stands out? Never mind I have to say it! The light bar on the white one. PERFECT! Only thing that could make that bar better is if it was squared and clear! It's realism right there that simple little peice of plastic that I bet we all would love to see. That small detail makes a big difference! I didnt really pay attention to the stance or the wheels but now that I look at it yes it's off but easily fixed.

  6. Matchbox do amazing emergency vehicles
    Better than most companies but ever since they scrapped the removable light bar
    It's ruined most cars for me
    Which is a shame

    I think
    2007 Tahoe
    Chevy Impala
    Chevy Caprice PPV

    Need to be made

  7. I do not disagree. The through the roof lights all just look like lumps. I hope we see a Tahoe soon from someone. I keep my fingers crossed it is Greenlight. Although I would love a MB version. I would take a standard version and I can add my own lights.

    I doubt we will ever see the SS/Caprice since it has been cancelled. And the Impala is not in police service. It is a great looking car. A shame it doesn't get more attention.

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