The new Matchbox Glass Truck is coming along, and it’s a good-looking generic…

Another preproduction sneak peek courtesy of the Matchbox Team, this time the upcoming Glass Truck.

Only three photos on this one, but we will get a tad more detailed when the finished model is ready to preview.  This is obviously a preproduction with crazy colors it is sporting.  The fun part is looking at how Abe and gang made a glass truck work.

Best I can tell the glass in the back (one side already failed the trip) is part of the window.  It runs below and through to the back, fitting in between the rear plastic part.  Abe will surely explain it at some point.

In keeping with our discussion on Matchbox generics from the previous post, this one is a winner.  I don’t need a licensed glass truck, just a nice-looking one, and this one qualifies.  Put it next to a tanker or a flatbed or any other utility vehicle.  It works.  And it is a clever choice to say the least.  It fits in nicely…

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  1. I like the glazing in the middle, nice detail. I imagine it's part of the cab glazing?

    Nice that they left a gap in the middle for us, and children, to add our own things!


  2. Hey after looking over you rarest matchbox of the Mattel era, I have to respectively disagree with your list, the vista wagon????
    Why the red got judge wheel variation not make it on that list mind bogged me, after seeing the vista wagon.
    the red got judge had two different wheels and to this day photos and listing are very few and far far inbetween

  3. This isn't bad at all my only criticism would be the color choices. Blue and green clash but this could be really nice with a recolor. Maybe a silver cab with a black bed. That would be more realistic imo……

  4. Looks like shit…..oh wait is that wheelcollectors calling? It is? They don't want it to be stuck as inventory? Better call lamely to talk it up so it can sell like hot cakes!

  5. I don't know what's your problem with this truck, Vader, other than it's a generic. With this being a copy of an Isuzu truck, it's a pretty good model. The Pit King is a really popular model, and hard-to-find as well. I'll be buying one as soon as it becomes available.

    BTW, I'm not a scalper, nor do I buy from scalpers. But I do use this site to let me know what's on the way, so I can plan on what to buy.

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