So what about these? 2017 Matchbox Sonoran Shredder & Snow Thrasher…

Matchbox and generics is a touchy subject.  For the most part, collectors don’t like them.  Or at least that is how it sounds.

It is a bit odd that Matchbox gets a lot of guff for their generics, when Hot Wheels produces quite a few more, and way more outlandish.  But it speaks to what collectors expect from Matchbox.  They want realism.

My thought is that if Matchbox does more realistic generics, there will be a lot less complaints.  A generic construction vehicle, or bus, or emergency vehicle that looked like something we would see on the road would be most welcome, and it seems there is a steady – but slow – move towards that.  Generics are just part of the game these days, and since we have to live with them, hopefully there will be some we like.

So with that said, the next two generic models from Matchbox are interesting.  Both could easily based on real cars, and therefore be licensed, but both are generic, and well executed.

The Sonoran Shredder is exactly how it is named.  A desert rider based on an older modified pickup.  I think square-body Chevy or Ford Ranger, but any one of us could see something different.  It has the right lines, it just doesn’t have a badge.  I personally like it, but if it were licensed I would be more inclined to add it to the collection.  Let’s be honest, supercool though.

The Snow Thrasher – wow, these are some action-oriented names Matchbox – is a little more on the generic side, but playworthy for sure.  It is some sort of snow vehicle, and I am sure loosely based on something.  Again, my interest wains, but this one, like the Sonoran Shredder, definitely has play value.  (Whisper voice) But, doesn’t it kind of look like the model is wearing a diaper with that big white base?  Is it just me? (Back to normal voice)

I could see beat-up versions of both in playrooms all over, but maybe not in a ton of collector’s collections.  But sitting in a playroom is still the number one purpose of these little things.  Let’s see how they do…

Look for both in the coming months.

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  1. The Sonoran Shredder it's a nice looking model. In fact, it's the first tool I don't care the Orange tint window, I think looks very good.
    The Snow Trasher I don't like, at least with the white base/interior…

  2. Snow Thrasher looks like a modified Toyota Tundra. Theses 2 originals don't look that bad. But their is still too many fugly generics that warm the pegs! Including the swap commander, the wing chiller, all the boats, the whelling wrecker, and more and more horrible looking vehicules…

  3. Disappointing move by Target in my area – Matchbox are completely gone and replaced with new Fast and Furious line up. Just when progress was being made with distribution …

  4. Stupid part for me that both of these have interiors, while Fiat 500X and Chevy wagon lacks it. Just another stupid decision by Mattel

  5. Its Sonora not Sonoran. And its based on a Chevy Stepside while the Snow Thrasher is based on a VW Amarok. Too much white on the latter but its a snow them vehicle so I guess its okay. I personally like both of these. I'm a licensed car devotee but these are models based on real cars. Just that they don't have logos on them. I think I'll take that.

  6. Very acceptable for generics imo. I love the comment about the HWs generics because they seem to get a pass. Why I don't know because there is way too much junk. They get the most space there bins are loaded but most of it sits. Annoying as hell to go through HWs pegs anymore. I am so glad I'm not a TH junkie….

  7. Hot Wheels generics don't crowd the licensed castings out of the line. Matchbox has only a few releases per year small cases, one to three licensed castings per batch, and only one or two per case. Matchbox collectors, even when they check the stores frequently, can spend the whole year sifting through pegs jammed front to back with generics, most of which are ugly and implausible, and only come up with a licensed model every couple of months.

  8. What gets me is the redundancy of the castings we keep getting in the generic line. ON the pegs how do these differ from any of the other numerous fantasy 4×4 “adventure” models in the line?

  9. The best generics are those that look plausible, where the pudding hasn't been over egged – the gas guzzler is a good example of this.

    Then there are other generics that are very close to an actual vehicle. Look at the Matchbox Quick sander and the Bowler Nemesis, the Matchbox Ridge Raider and the Bowler Wildcat


  10. I'm a big collector of off-road models. The more Jeeps, Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, pickups, etc the merrier in my opinion. But even I would agree Matchbox has had way too many generic off-roaders the last few years. But they have a few that transcend the generic junk and have become almost iconic Matchbox castings, the Quick Sander and Ridge Raider most notably. The Sonora Shredder I think will most definitely fall into this category. It's really well done and also despite being generic is pretty clearly inspired by a real vehicle. The Snow Thrasher has potential but I can't unsee the diaper now that that's been mentioned. Give it a black base and I think it will be a winner.

  11. “Annoying as hell to go through HWs pegs anymore” Then stop collecting “too much junk” tried of people calling stuff they dont want junk. Why is it junk? Because you dont want it? Why's that make it junk it explain it to me

  12. Well, the Sanora Shredder looks okay, and will get a spot in my collection for sure. The Matte looks good. I dont really like the “plasticky looking plastic”- the gray color mattel has with the occasional darker line in it. Yuck. It does compliment the Matte black, but I think that piece in black would of looked really good. Still, overall, am happy. A bit nitpicky.

    The Snow Shedder, however, was a bit of a dissapointment I think. The blue paint looks nice, but I just don't really enjoy it. To each their own. Better than the Wing Chiller!

  13. I guess a lot of targets are doing this to make room for F&F. At first I thought they did away with the MBX section when I went to a target the other day but when I turned around they were sitting opposite the HW section.

  14. I didn't see the model yet, so I don't know. But thats really strange, the model has an interior but black windows cover it. For me it's a major design flaw and a deal breaker

  15. The Snow Shredder is definitely influenced by the Arctic Trucks Toyota Hilux, but given some of the design treatments, i am going to say it is more in line with the Polar Expedition vehicle.

    Unlike the Scandawegian company Arctic Trucks, the Polar was built by a UK firm, but has many of the same design and engineering elements.

    I think they are both fun castings, perfect for couch expeditions, and living room floor endurance challenges with my 4 year old.

  16. There's nothing wrong with generics. If it looks good,then why not? ( I even have some doubles of those) If it looks better than (some) licensed models,okay, bring it on! If it's ugly, to me, it's a good donor for customs.

  17. “Hot Wheels generics don't crowd the licensed castings out of the line.”

    Really? In the areas I frequent in the Southeastern US, HW generics and fantasy cars are all over the place like the plague. Even some of the Fred's stores are selling generics from the 2013 model line. Matchbox pegs are usually empty, but mostly because store managers are encouraged to push Hot wheels more than anything else.

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