Matchbox throws out a sneak peek of some cool stuff coming…

This popped up on Instagram awhile ago:

A photo posted by @matchboxworld on Jan 5, 2017 at 10:16am PST


After sitting dormant through the holidays, it looks like the @matchboxworld IG account is back at it, throwing out tasty little morsels for us to chew on for a bit.

Looks to look at to be sure.  For one, there are a couple of preproduction examples of the upcoming VW Golf Country and Jeep Gladiator, and both look great.  As a reminder, the unpainted and rose-colored VW’s, as well as the black Jeeps, are prepros, meaning the wheels, paint, and interior color are for evaluation purposes.  The production models will be different.

You can also make out a prepro Honda Ridgeline, meaning some mods have been made to that casting.  Designer Abe Lugo did come on later and said there were some changes, but nothing major.

What is finished in the shot is the Dodge Challenger in rose, and it looks fantastic.  From what I can tell, front, rear, and hood tampos make this one complete, and I can’t wait to see it.  I am hoping a few of these will show up for a full Lamley preview, so stay tuned…

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  1. VW Golf Country looks great,can't wait to find it, hoping it'll be issued in authentic VW Montana Green! Also how about a revival of the twin packs with a double cab VW Transporter towing a trailer with a Golf on?

  2. Models pictured are all pre-pros. That means nothing is finalized on them and they just used whatever was around to see how everything fits together. We won't be seeing the Golf on those wheels.

  3. Chances are, that's just whatever they had in their parts boxes to assemble the preproduction models. At this stage, this isn't necessarily the colors or wheels that they use on the production models.

  4. There's already a line called “Hitch and Haul” which is very similar to the old twin packs. Unfortunately, Mattel hasn't refreshed what's in them in years, and their contents, except for one Jeep Cherokee, is largely generic. Refreshing their contents, with newer, licensed models, I believe would really help sales. The suggestion you mention could do well. They're already like $5 anyway, overpriced, but with a third model as a load would be better than a bunch of out-of scale figures.

  5. Yes I know these are prepros. I am not a neophyte. But what is the likelihood the factory has a batch of lace wheels laying around when they haven't been used in quite some time. AND I am not sure they have been used at all from the Thailand factory. Which is why I asked when is the last time we saw them.

  6. That's not just a “Rose” Dodge Challenger, it's supposed to continue the true to life “High Impact” colours that Matchbox has done for this casting. This example has a white interior which is a dead giveaway; black hood decal and white leather means that's a “Furious Fuchsia” 2010 Challenger SRT8, of which on 400 were produced. If I'm not mistaken, Matchbox has already done a “Plum Crazy” and a “Sublime” version as well. Nice details, Matchbox!

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