How to build a Kyosho Ferrari 599XX Evo Chase model…

(Kyosho Ferrari at Japan Booster)

Hahahahaha you think I can do a “How-to”?  Not a chance.  I always feel bad when someone sends me a detailed email asking how to do a particular custom job, thinking that because I show them I know my shit.  I don’t.  I have to reply that I lost them easily in the first sentence and refer them to some of the talented customizers I have gotten to know.

But I can build a Kyosho Ferrari.  High five.

I have mentioned it several times before, but Kyosho is able to create 1:64 Ferrari replicas for one reason and one reason only – because they make them model kits.  You probably know that Maisto owns the Ferrari diecast license, and with that exclusivity no other company can produce 1/64 scale Ferraris.  But there is nothing about model kits.

So Kyosho does their Ferraris unassembled.  You have to put together the wheels, add the seats to the interior, add the interior to the base, put the diecast portion on top, and screw the whole thing together.  A 2-year-old can do it.  Even better, an unskilled diecast blogger can do it.

So, as an excuse to show another insanely cool Kyosho Ferrari, I am going to post step-by-step photos of how I put it together.  Prepare to be amazed.

But first, a little about the model.  Kyosho released its latest Ferrari Series last month – 24 models, all disassembled.  Most of the castings are repeats in new colors, but there are some new tools as well.  I have a few from Japan Booster, and will be showing them soon, but I wanted to start with the Chase Model in white.

(Kyosho Ferrari at Japan Booster)

The Ferrari 599XX Evo is a new tool in this series, following the beautiful Ferrari 599XX from a few series ago.  Obviously Hot Wheels collectors are familiar with the Ferrari 599XX from the double-Super, crazy cool Speed Machines casting.  Kyosho did one too – the Chase from that series is in a few of the photos in this post – and then followed it up with the Evo.

The Evo is the 599XX, only better, with a killer – and very effective – rear wing:

And it looks badass, with that wing, and chin spoiler, and supercool headlamps.  Even in small scale form.  The Kyosho isn’t as loud, but at least you can put it together!  Like I did.  I hope you are at my skill level…

Putting it together:

In the Kyosho lot:

Under the lights:

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  1. I bought a sealed case of 20 from Japan Booster. I was very pleasantly surprised to get this chase car. I have a few other Kyosho secret models but all were bought individually, this was the first I've actually pulled from a sealed case.

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