The Highway Maintenance Truck is the next Matchbox Forest Service model…

Yeah, it is a rare occasion that I would dedicate an entire post to the Matchbox Highway Maintenance Truck.  It is a model that has been around forever – while enduring a few modifications over the years – and doesn’t shake up the diecast world every time it hits the pegs.

But it is a nice model, and one that seems to have a place in the Matchbox lineup every year.  No complaints here.  It is fairly realistic – the casting was originally cast as a Chevrolet – and having a plow in the lineup makes perfect sense.

Still though, why dedicate an entire post to it?  Well, because it is the next model to sport the Matchbox Forest Service livery.  Any model that goes National Parks or Forest Service is significant, at least to me.

I have posted many features about these liveries before.  National Parks and Forest Service are generic decos, but are loosely based on the National Parks and Forest Service vehicles here in the US.  National Parks is my favorite, but Forest Service isn’t far behind.

Both debuted about 8-10 years ago, and ever since we see one or two models released each year with one of those liveries.  And as much as I like them, they are easy to mix up.  The teal color of both is very similar, and actual badges seem to be all over the place.  I took these two pics of both sets awhile ago, and since then I have decided the Tractor Plow pictured with the National Parks models is actually a Forest Service model (orange trim).

Well I need to create an additional spot in my Forest Service collection, because the Highway Maintenance Truck is joining the fleet.  Coming later this year, the Highway Truck will be released in the basic range with Forest Service livery.

Mattel provided the preview model, and it looks great.  It is the modified version, where the base, front grill, and plow are the same piece.  A truck like this would make a lot of sense as part of a Forest Service fleet, so yes, this is a no-brainer addition to the collection.

Matchbox has hinted that more from both deco themes are coming.  I’ll make rom…

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  1. I love this plow however it's original version was much better. The new bed looks over sized but I can live with it. I always love seeing the livery either of them. What would be great and make the most sense would be a tree trimming truck or something that actually has to do with the forest. The fire trucks police cars even the plow truck make sense but I'm sure you'll agree some just don't belong but again I can live with it. The Ford Interceptor makes tons of sense it would go great with the Ram. I know they had done a red Tahoe. A fire search or something like that but they never went back to the red. Trying to think of what they can do that is already in the line up but drawing a blank at the moment.

  2. When did this casting first appear? Around 1990 maybe? Man, that is some staying power. Glad to see its return in this wonderful livery. Would love to see the '93 Mustang with the National Parks/Forest Service livery, as well as the '14 Silverado (though I'm aware that might be a tough sell considering we just got the Ram 1500).

    Also enjoyed the earlier post on the Tuk Tuk. I love these international vehicles. Maybe we will see a Jeepney (Philippines)? Or one of those colorful public buses (Pakistan/India/So. America)? Perhaps even a rickshaw?

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