Mirrored chrome may not work on a real car, but it’s damn cool on a Hot Wheels…

(HW Modern Classics on eBay)

Our look at the Hot Wheels Modern Classics of 2008 continues.  We started with a look at two of the more popular models, the Silverado and ’92 Mustang, and now we look at another Mustang to debut in the line.

To refresh your memory, the Modern Classics was a different take on the Hot Wheels Classics line.  Hot Wheels Classics were a variety of classic and nostalgic Hot Wheels castings done in vintage spectraflame colors.  The Classics line was popular then, wouldn’t be too much now.

Modern Classics was – obviously – a more modern take.  Helmed by Jun Imai, the line was full of replicas of contemporary and popular cars, all done in spectraflame.  It didn’t last too long, and actually never finished.  But it lasted long enough to debut a slew of popular castings.  One of those widely used since is the ’07 Ford Mustang.

The model has been called the ’07 Mustang or the Custom ’07 Mustang, but either we have seen it a lot.  It has been a Super TH twice, has been in the basic range several times, and has popped up in quite a few special Walmart lines.  But it made its debut in Modern Classics, and in my view that version will never be topped.

Why?  Because it’s chrome, that’s why!!  Maybe the paint isn’t supposed to be called “chrome”.  Mirrored paint is probably appropriate, but I am not entirely sure.  What I do know, is if I hold this model up to my face, I see my handsome face looking right back at me.  And it looks awesome.  (The paint I mean, not my face.)

If I saw an all-chrome car driving down the road, there is only one thing I would think (cough – DB – cough).  Sure, it works at SEMA, and maybe on a few other show cars, but it doesn’t work on the Beib’s Fisker Karma and it doesn’t work on your car.  But it does on Hot Wheels.

You can tell me why, because I can’t.  It just looks cool.  Case in point is this Mustang.  In some ways the deco is understated, yet in others it is totally over-the-top.  Maybe the is the point of Modern Classics.  The Silverado actually sports a stock deco, yet in spectraflame paint sitting low to the ground, it screams modern.

Maybe I should stop trying to explain it.  This Mustang is badass.

(HW Modern Classics on eBay)

11 Replies to “Mirrored chrome may not work on a real car, but it’s damn cool on a Hot Wheels…”

  1. “Doesn't work on a real car” once again you show how much of a fucking dumb ass you are! Never seen hear of car wraps that are chrome? Funny for a group that follows the trends of die cast at trade shows you've seen chrome wrapped cars before. This is why people are starting to see you for the flake that you are. All you do is brag about the free stuff you get and help boost sells on eBay for scalpers to acutely see what is going on.

  2. “The Classics line was popular then, wouldn't be too much now.”

    I can't speak for anyone else but I loved the Classics line and wish we'd get something else like it at retail. Well, okay, I suppose “Cool Classics” was an attempt to continue the line at retail and I liked the Spetrafrost on a number of those cars but Spectrafrost is not Spectraflame. Spectraflame looks good on damn near everything.

    Another reason Classics was better than Cool Classics is that each Classic car was produced in several different colours while Cool Classics only had one colour per release, although a couple of cars like the '67 Firebird got a second Cool Classics release a year later.

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