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The Hot Wheels Porsche 962 will debut with a new wheel in Car Culture Race Day…

Tired of new wheels from Hot Wheels? I hope not, because here is another…

Via Jun Imai once again by way of Greddy:


The Porsche 962 was teased at the HW Convention, but I don’t know how many people noticed it was sporting a new wheel.  Yet another Real Rider, the RR Aero, coming later in 2017 on the Porsche in the third Car Culture Assortment for 2017, Race Day.

So wheel-wise, we get a small 4-spoke, this new Aero, and the basic deep dish mags.  Hot Wheels has officially upped its wheel game.  Let’s see if Matchbox can follow suit…

But I shouldn’t get so caught up on the wheels.  Look at the model!?!  Here is the rule: If it is a new tool debuting in Car Culture, it was done by Mark Jones, and if a new tool is done by Mark Jones, it is going to be great.  The 962 is no exception…


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  1. That is a nice model. I Love they went all in for perfect wheels. It will be interesting to see how this compared to the Old Maisto model in size and look. I will get a few just for the wheels. I have some older Porsche racing cars that could use them. A nice enough model I would even get it in the mainline witha HW racing logo on it. I am sure at some point we will see a solid orange version.

    As for MB stepping up with new wheels, I doubt it. That group has more ot worry about than wheels. But they could go a long way by changing the rubber for the wheels on the new Best Of to something less knobby.

  2. For your kind information, Hot Wheels is first and foremost a “children's toy” above anything else. Secondly, I am not a child (although I am childish) and thirdly, I merely stated a fact. No need to get shit-offended over it.

  3. It would be great to see a post detailing all the styles of wheel produced over the years, or perhaps even just what's available currently. Gone are the days of two or three wheels styles over the range.

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