The Volkswagen Käfer Racer continues the tradition of Wicked Hot Wheels VWs…

The Hot Wheels C Case isn’t going to cause any riots.  The Super isn’t a mind-blower, and it isn’t as loaded with good stuff compared to other batches.

(Actually I take that back.  If you count the Target-exclusive Gasser as part of the C Case, there might be riots.  That has been gobbled up as soon as they hit the pegs, much to the chagrin of the next collector to arrive.)

But there is a New Model debut here of what I think will be a popular model moving forward.  A new VW is always an event for Hot Wheels.  VW Collectors are a special bunch.  “Passionate” isn’t enough to describe VW Collectors.  “Bat shit crazy” might be better.

And Hot Wheels sometimes just hits the right notes with their VW releases.  The Drag Bus is a Mount Rushmore model, easily one of the most popular Hot Wheels castings of all time.  And we are so used to it that we sometimes forget how nutty it is.  It is VW DRAG bus.  DRAG!

And since the release of the Drag Bus, Hot Wheels has released one legendary VW after another.  We all knew the Kool Kombi was special the second it was released, and it has proven so.  The racing Karmann Ghia is another.  The Brasilia another.  The Squareback.  On and on.

And here is another.

It takes one second in person to knew the Volkswagen Käfer Racer is special.  We have seen a few modified Beetles in the past, but most went drag.  This one goes Euro, and fits in so well with where the car scene is going.  “Käfer” is German for “Beetle” if you didn’t know, hence the name.

You see this one appearing over and over again.  Super?  It is only a matter of time.  RLC?  I can see it.  Zamac?  Car Culture?  Bring it all on.

It is yet another Mark Jones design.  Mark’s name should be becoming a bit household if it isn’t already.  He has been around awhile, done a ton of work, and if you are displaying Car Culture and Forza, you have a few of his designs featured, like the Alfa Romeo and Mazda RX3.  Add the Käfer.

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  1. …I don't know – I'll still pick this one up, and I really appreciate the effort here, but I can't help but feel let down on this one. With a VW Beetle on the slate, man… there's just so many other great directions they could've gone with this one!!!. This model just feels too out there. Would've loved to see something a bit more stock & detailed, but with the usual HW modifications… perhaps something rally inspired, or lowered. 🙁

  2. This actually looks like the Beetle super saloon. 70's racer thing (an F5000 car with a fiberglass group 5 beetle on top) which actually still races historically. Was at goodwood Festival of speed last year

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