Case Report: 2017 Matchbox Basic B Case AND 2017 Best of World A Case…

Two Matchbox for the price of one!

Matt and Matt at Wheel Collectors were a little surprised today when not only did they get Matchbox 2017 Basic Batch B, but the highly anticipated Best of World as well.  Both are listed here:

2017 Matchbox Basic Batch B

2017 Matchbox Best of World Batch A

You remember Best of World, the merging of Matchbox with Hot Wheels Real Rider wheels.  A splendid batch of cars, highlighted by the absolutely stunning Lamborgini Miura.

Well, I asked WC if they could do an opening of both, and there they are:

2017 Matchbox Basic B Case:

Matchbox Best of World A Case:

8 Replies to “Case Report: 2017 Matchbox Basic B Case AND 2017 Best of World A Case…”

  1. Those Best of Matchbox sets are sweety sweet! Especially knowing that most of them have sleek Hot Wheels Real Riders on them! As for the mainline B case, I do like the Hudson Hornet Popo, the new Tacoma, and the Ford GT40. As for the rest, I'm not impressed. The carryovers are a nice treat but they don't count, since they've already been out. I thought these off-road and construction generics were coming to an end. The team claims they're striving for realism but I'm barely seeing it. It still looks like 2012-13.

  2. I'm guessing by the peg hangers this case hit my local Walmart. All the good stuff gone.

    What is with the re-release of the Ford ambulance with the same markings as 2012? They did the same with the International armored car. Do they think want the same model in metal and plastic?

  3. Totally agree with the previous two comments. The Ford GT looks great and I'm glad to see carryovers, but still too many generics and plastic models.

  4. I'm very disappointed in the continued usage of the Heavy Railer cast, which is anything but heavy – in fact it's one of the lightest and cheapest-feeling casts. While I understand that an assortment of generics is necessary to keep prices lower, the Heavy Railer is one of those unrealistic ones that nobody enjoys. There are many different generics that we would rather see in the lineup instead – how about the Heritage Ice Cream truck, Hazard Squad, or even a Delivery Truck or Moving Van?

  5. Best of world cars are awesome.
    Agree with all previous comments. Case B still disappointing, 13 generic out of 24. How can you say matchbox is heading back to realism when more than half of cars are generic craps, and even one third of realistic cars with generic livery?

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