The fourth Subaru Dealer Model has been released…

Sorry for no post this morning.  I had a feeling that watching the election would take up my night, so I held a vote of my own with the Best Matchbox New Model poll.

But time to get back to work, and we start with some good news for the Subaru collectors.  If you remember, last year Subaru released a 3-model 1:64 promo set, consisting of the WRX STI, Outback, and Legacy.  While the actual maker of the models is hard to decipher, the models themselves are fantastic.

Well this year Subaru is releasing two more promo models, the Crosstrek and Forester.  My good friend Ace (@ut_ace on Instagram), who works at Subaru, let me know today that the Crosstrek is in.

And it looks awesome.  These models are really nice looking, and surprisingly detailed.  Ace was nice enough to take a few pics.

These are available at Subaru dealerships, and if I remember correctly, should be available online at some point.  I am a fan of the Crosstrek, so count me in for one.

Forester coming soon…

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  1. Hi there! This is Todd, owner of AeroPro. Correct that is our tooling, this model (and the other 3 and the upcoming Forester) are all special custom projects for Subaru. I can't go into details but there are more surprises coming in the new year! If you have any questions about who we are or how our models are made feel free to email us at Thanks for your support!

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