It’s Election Day! What was the Best Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2016?

I hope you are wearing your “I Voted” sticker today.  It is our right and duty to make our voice heard.

So when you are walking down the street, sporting your sticker, and someone asks who got your vote, how will you answer?

Skyline?  Miata?  Volvo V60?  Zamboni?

There has been a concerted effort to Make Matchbox Great Again, and I’m With Them without a doubt.  2016 saw a major step forward, and now, as part of the 2016 Lamley Awards, it is our duty to pick the Best Licensed New Model.

As always, I only go with licensed models, because I think that is most relevant to collectors.  And there were definitely some good ones in 2016.  I debated adding the Zamboni, because it was an epic pegwarmer (and I don’t have pics), but it is licensed and new, so it is in.

So have a look at the list below, and cast your vote.  Let’s let Mattel and Matchbox know how much we want the brand to thrive.

What was the BEST Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2016?

And yes, the Zamboni:

23 Replies to “It’s Election Day! What was the Best Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2016?”

  1. I voted for the Ram. I prefer classic cars, and I'm not a big emergency vehicle fan, but the ram is seriously perfect in every way (ok, it's perfect with a bit of silver sharpie on the headlights). Proportions, stance (or lack thereof), the amazing national parks deco…
    If you had asked me before the castings were released, I would've said the skyline. I'm a japanese nostalgic nut and i love bone stock stuff. but the wheels are a little wide, and, though it, a beautiful casting, it's just not quite perfect.

  2. There's no point in arguing otherwise, the Skyline has to be the best. Not only because its a '71 Skyline, but because of the way they did it. The complete stock look, the hidden engine and of course the seatbelt/ engine variation. It was a very tough choice between the Skyline and the Mazda MX-5 and if this was a “favourite new model” I would've surely voted for the MX-5, but its not so in the end the Skyline takes it.

  3. With so many brilliant models released, that awful Zamboni thing takes the lead, **SHAKES HEAD – and we were then begining to think you couldnt get any worse that Trumpy McTrump Hair

  4. hey john! correct me if im wrong but with all the great new models released for 2016, i think youre missing that one british beauty that was made for 2015 but was released with the 2016 A case. as far as i remember, you mentioned youd be including it in the 2016 voting instead due to the time of f-type's release.

  5. I know both companies already have that Miata which I voted for but I really REALLy want to see the new Fiat 124. I'd buy everyone I came across just to make sure it stayed in the lineup

  6. yeah, totally forgot about that trailhawk..
    the casting itself is good but the 'too narrow' body kinda ruined it IMO, the same with the evoque. majorette's evoque was made better (though those wheels..).
    even with the narrow door window, the f type is still my pick
    though i have to admit that both the miata and volvo is sweet!
    happy voting guys (and ladies)!
    MBX – keep up the good work!

  7. Definitely the MX5. I waited months to find them and then finally, my workplace started to stock them. I now have three, because why not haha.

    An honourable mention to the Forest Ranger, which is such a nice theme to capture and also the Volvo, although I haven't found one yet.

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