What. Is. This?

Matchbox dropped this on IG:


This is clearly a new casting, but was not announced as a 2017 New Model at the Gathering last summer.  But there are “big plans” for it.  Whatever the plans, it is an awesome model, and that removable bed cover is cool.


10 Replies to “What. Is. This?”

  1. Removable bed cover may be cool, but black windows are definately not. I know that no interior doesn't bother majority of collectors, but it bothers me. Let's hope it would look similar to F-150 constructors truck, it still looks decent with tinted windows.

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  3. I love when Matchbox does trucks like this! (I don't like the lowered or lifted trucks from Hot Wheels). I hope this stays stock (like the recent Tacoma) and doesn't have any wild livery.

  4. Appears to be a Ford F-Series upfitted for emergency services use with that light bar.

    Looks great! I sure hope to see this as a Search and Rescue vehicle. Heck, I'd even like to see this in the livery of a local mine surveying company–whose fleet is largely lifted Fords like this.

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