Did you know there is a movie being made about Hot Wheels collecting?

When I first started collecting, it was my own little world.  Apart the from buckets of cars I had as a kid, the first Hot Wheels car I bought was a Cadillac V16 out of a shipper at Ralph’s in San Marino, California.  I remember perusing pegs a little after that, slowly discovering how cool Hot Wheels – and Matchbox – still were.
I accumulated a few cool cars, but for awhile I didn’t think to get online to see what was going on there.  Soon I did.  I read some forums, but didn’t sign up for any.  After awhile I did.  The first online comment I made, and I have NO IDEA why I remember this, was on the now defunct MCCH forum about the release date of the upcoming Matchbox Dodge Magnum.  Soon after that I was fairly active in the forums, including HWC (my screen name was iracema), and I started making friends.  One was David Tilley, who eventually convinced me to attend the Matchbox Gathering in Albuquerque, where I made more friends.
Yada yada yada yada I start a blog, meet more people, attend conventions, meet more people, obtain way to many cars, sell them off, buy more, meet more people, and on and on.
Maybe the blog part is abnormal, but that experience has to be similar for a ton of collectors.  It starts with the cars, but the community pulls you in.  And a community it is.  There is passion, tons of nerds, some anger, but ultimately shared interest.  We talk about the cars, and then we get know people, and then we go to those friend’s houses and feast on burnt chicken.
Nonetheless, the collector world is a community, and thanks to all these modern tools it has become a worldwide community.  And that is awesome.
And now there is a movie being made about it.
Today on the hobbyDB blog, documentary filmmaker Dan Hornberger provided an update on his film Redlines to Treasure Hunts.  It sounds like it is coming along, but there is a lot of work to be done, and there is a GoFundMe account where we can help.  
I highly encourage you to read the post, and check out the site, and for sure donate a few dollars to the effort.  This is a very cool project, especially with Mattel’s cooperation, and I look forward to seeing the finished product.
If you are new to collecting, or still the quiet person who no one knows, you are still part of the collecting community.  Whether reading the posts here at Lamley, or inputting your collection at hobbyDB, or just following a few accounts on Instagram.  You are part of the community.  Help this movie about us nerds get made…

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