The 2017 Matchbox Chevy G30 Van is coming along nicely…

Matchbox dropped this on Instagram:

A photo posted by @matchboxworld on Oct 13, 2016 at 8:45pm PDT


To answer any questions, this is an EP (Engineering Product).  This is not the final version.  It is the color that will be used, nor does it have deco.  Those might not even be the correct wheels.  And the rubber band means this model is unspun as well.

So we concentrate on the casting, and it looks dope.  It is nice to see a fair amount of metal, which probably represents a fair amount of finagling on the part of the design team, and the motorcycle on the back.  If you remember, this van represents a converted ambulance for all things play.  A cool take to be sure.

More previews coming, including a biggie this week.  Stay tuned…

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  1. looks ok if remains so much metal,maybe that chineese plastic looks awful,but i always apreciate the wheels on a matchbox car,regular wheels not the big ones, used at 4X4 cars.

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