The brand new Kyosho Audi Series is a big set, but there are some gems…

Kyosho Audi Series 2 at Japan Booster

Oh Audi, how we would love to see more of you in the diecast world.  Two of my favorite Matchbox models are the Audi RS6 Avant and Audi R8.  A highlight of the Hot Wheels Speed Machines series was the Audi TT, which we haven’t seen since.  And with cars like the R8 LMS, the new R8, and some killer wagons, we need to see more.  Hopefully we will.

Enter Kyosho.  Well kind of enter Kyosho.  Audi Series 2 is out, and there is a fair share of repeat castings, there are some must haves.  And they are all available right now at Japan Booster:

Kyosho Audi Series 2 at Japan Booster

If you have been a Kyosho collector for awhile, you would most likely be annoyed by the repeat castings.  The set is large, and most of the models are repeats.  But if you are new, this is your chance to get some examples of castings that have become hard to find.

But there are some new castings as well.  The R8 Spyder is new, but the gems of this set have to be there trio of R8 LMS race cars.  Kyosho has been KILLING it with their race cars of late, and the LMS is no exception.  I cannot wait to see it in person.

So yeah, this set is too big.  Thankfully Japan Booster is selling the singles (and the whole set if you want it), and there are a few things to gobble up…

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