Here are the first five New Matchbox Models of 2017…

With 2016 Matchbox Batch M now hitting stores, we can start expecting the first batch of 2017 anytime.  And with that in mind, we can start jumping into what to expect.

We already know what the new models will be in 2017, and with these first pics of the Fiat 500X, we now have seen the first five completed models.  Well, actually four, as we haven’t seen the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 in its basic form.  But with the Toy Fair out we at least have something.

There will obviously be some unlicensed models, but the licensed stuff so far looks good.  What do you think?

(And in case you are asking, the Fiat does have an interior.)

The Classics:

The Trucks:

The Currents (added the Volvo because I needed something, and it was the last model of 2016):


13 thoughts on “Here are the first five New Matchbox Models of 2017…

  1. They all are well done. But in the first photo it shows how the size of a standard car has become when the smallest car is nearly the largest model. I am willing to bet the MB is near HO scale. The lack of interiors on models is a real let down. I will continue to say this.

    The add on features look good but as we remember once these are lost, the car becomes scrap and yard sale fodder. This goes back to he Lesney days. None of us wanted to play with the fire trucks with missing campers or Kennel trucks with no dogs or caps. What fun is an antique wagon with a giant hole in the roof and no interior?

  2. The Fiat looks great in that colour. The scale of the Mercedes is off though. Its supposed to be massive compared to other trucks but here, its the same size as that Tacoma.

  3. I am disappointed, Mattel every year is making cheaper models. This year comes with no interiors, more plastic and generic cars. I've been collecting cars from long time ago, even cars from the sixties. I miss Lesney a lot.

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