The Lamley Awards have begun. What was the Best 2016 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt?

It’s that time of year!

The Hot Wheels year is officially into 2017, and that is the time that we look back on the year that was, and pick a few highlights.  It is time for the Lamley Awards!

If you are not familiar with the Lamley Awards, this is something we do at the end of every year. We do a series of polls, and readers will cast their vote in several categories, including Best & Worst Super TH, Best & Most Disappointing Licensed New Model, and Hot Wheels Model of the Year.   We also do a poll for best Matchbox New Model.  After all the polls are done, we will present the Reader’s Choice Selection, along with the Lamley Selections.  And as previous Lamley Awards have proven, there are ALWAYS surprises.

So as we here in the US have heard a lot lately, GET OUT AND VOTE! 
We always start with the Best Super Treasure Hunt of year.  Nothing gets discussed more than Super TH’s.  Nothing creates more excitement or vitriol among collectors.  There are never mild opinions about them.  Collectors either love them or love to hate them.  But Supers are an integral part of Hot Wheels Collectors these days.
And 2016 is no exception.  We want to know what you think the Best Super was in 2016.  And how you define “Best” is up to you.  I know how I define it, but everyone is different.  After the vote we will see what 2016 Super TH will join the 2015 Ferrari 599XX, 2014 Datsun 510 Wagon, 2013 Toyota 2000GT, and 2012 Ferrari 599XX as Best Supers of the Year.
So check out the photos below, in order of release, and then vote on your favorite.  The poll will close next week.
(Special thanks to @ut_mike for providing the models for photos.  Give him a follow.)
Tesla Roadster

Hudson Hornet

’90 Acura NSX

’14 Corvette Stingray

Porsche 993 GT2

Bad Mudder II

Dodge Charger Daytona

’10 Pro Stock Camaro

TV Series Batmobile

BMW Z4 M Motorsport

Boom Box


’17 Ford GT

Nitro Doorslammer


Thanks for voting!

22 Replies to “The Lamley Awards have begun. What was the Best 2016 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt?”

  1. how about for the future, have treasure hunts for the Generics rubbish, and the supers for actual cars that were made, needless to say Generics will never get a vote from me.

  2. At least let us vote for at most three models.

    Either way…

    3. Hudson Hornet
    2. '66 Batmobile
    1. 993 GT2 (final vote)

    Also… between the generics, it's the Driftsta that makes the cut. My number 4 pick, in fact. Above the New Ford GT, five over the Corvette.

  3. My heart is with the Porsche. It was the only one I found and I am a Porsche guy. But the mind says Ford GT. it is a really great model. No nonsense and captures the look of the real one.

  4. The Tesla got my vote. It looks like a quality piece with the crisp chrome wheels and metallic red body. In some respects, it reminds me of the original HW design language of the spectraflame redlines. Jewel-like, and ready to race.

  5. It's gotta be the Porsche… First of all, it's a Porsche! Second of all, it has a rare variation (i.e. full roll cage). Third of all, it's a Porsche! 😉

    After the Porsche, it's a toss-up (for me) between the Hudson Hornet and the Batmobile. The Hudson Hornet because it's stunning in-person. The Batmobile because of the zamac variation.

  6. My favorite of the year was just barely the BMW. The wheels gave it the edge and make the car stand out. The Porsche was just barely my second choice. I'm going to be in the minority and say the Ford GT is middle of the road for me. Something about the casting is off to me. I think perhaps the gray portion in the door, or perhaps the thickness of the pillars, I can't quite put my finger on it, but I was disappointed in it, as this was the one I was most excited about. I voted based on my favorite, however if I were to vote by “best” as in which one is most improved compared to the mainline, then the Drifsta would get my vote. The extra tampos, rich color and perfect wheel choice make that one night and day better than the mainline.

  7. As for my actual choice….it was the Ford GT. The casting itself has a major flaw with the area near the intakes being plastic, but I can't deny the fact that it looked great in that dark blue, and had some nice wheels to go with it. The fact that it debuted the same year as the mainline kinda swayed my vote a bit as well.

    As for a few of the other selections:

    '90 Acura NSX- this was the one I really wanted to vote for. great color and wheels, great casting selection. One of my favorite real cars.

    Tesla Roadster- a nice surprise, great color, nice casting. Wheel design seem more suitable for muscle cars than for sports cars like the tesla, but still looks great.

    Hudson Hornet- beautiful car and colors, but I'm not really a flames guy. A little too much gold for me, although I love gold.

    BMW Z4- Very nice, very clean. Nice color and graphics, and the wheel design add to a nice elegant vibe.

    Porsche 993- One word: overrated.

    Driftsta- The biggest surprise in the bunch. Not one of my favorite castings, but the color, wheels, and graphics make this casting look better than it deserves to be.

    Bad Mudder 2- My least favorite. I'm sure there are some off-road fans out that will appreciate it, but to me it don't matter what you do to that one. It's still ugly as fuck.

    The rest- meh.

  8. What I find interesting is that the Porsche is winning, but IMO the non Super version of that car is way better looking! The “ORANGE” wheels just look too plastic to me, but the non super version just looks sharp?! Anyone else agree with that?!

  9. Even though I did find the BMW Z4, my son got the 'Mudder II in a Kmart event and I had to purchase the cool lookin' Hornet.. I think the TV Series Batmobile gets the vote!

  10. I was hoping to find the BMW and Batmobile this year, no luck.
    I did find the Bad Mudder, Tesla and Ford GT.
    Since i only want to judge a model if i can hold it in my hand,
    my vote goes to the Ford.

  11. I was hoping to find the BMW and Batmobile this year, no luck.
    I did find the Bad Mudder, Tesla and Ford GT.
    Since i only want to judge a model if i can hold it in my hand,
    my vote goes to the Ford.

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