Mercedes is back! Mattel sneaks 2017 Hot Wheels Basics, Car Culture, RLC and more at the 2017 HW Convention…

It has been a busy few days here at the Convention.  Sleep seems to be low on the list of things to do, and I definitely feel it.  But when I finally arrive home today, I will hit that front door with a mind full of memories, and a body that wants its own bed.  The Convention has been fantastic.

My suitcase is definitely a little heavier than when it arrived, and much of what I am bringing home will hit the blog in the coming week.  The Convention models, a few finds, and even some RLC and, yes, Matchbox previews.

This is about the place where the proverbial “it’s not just about the models” portion of this post is included.  I am supposed to say it is more about the people, and the friendships, and the experience, not just going away with cool shit.  That is obviously true – at least for most here – but I know you don’t want to push through three paragraphs about that when you live on the other side of the world and know you will never attend the convention.

“Promote it all you want, Lambert, I’m never coming.  Just show the damn Mattel Sneaks Presentation already.”


Lots to talk about, and definitely a lot to like, and I will let you do that in the comments section.  In the meantime here are a couple of photos I was able to take, thanks to Mattel.  Clear pics of the preview slides coming later.

Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16, coming to Car Culture Modern Classics in 2017, designed by Mark Jones.  (This is a prepro.  The casting will obviously be in another color with deco and Real Riders.)

’55 Chevy Gasser, coming to Car Culture Redliners (not Redlines) later this year.  Package and art designed by Julian Koiles, who does all the Car Culture card art.


A load of RLC coming soon.  Decos and colors by Steve Vandervate.

14 Replies to “Mercedes is back! Mattel sneaks 2017 Hot Wheels Basics, Car Culture, RLC and more at the 2017 HW Convention…”

  1. Are the Spoilers in the front row of the RLC cars new castings, or are they using the old ones from several years ago? I'm hoping they are new – the old castings of the Light My Firebird and King Kuda were not very true to the originals.

  2. MY GOD. The 962.

    AMG-GT to the Mainline confirmed. Or no? Hey they don't always show the entirety of the rest of the batches until the next convention or Toy Fair, right?

  3. The Heavy Chevy and Boss Hoss are new tools (the engine bay on the Boss Hoss is now one piece with the rest of the body, and the HC is a complete retool based on the original). The Light My Firebird, TNT Bird and King Kuda are the already existing tools.

    The LMF is fine, IMO, but really wished they did a new KK.

  4. Agree – the KK was never terribly good to begin with as a replica. The LMF is better, but too much details compared to the original. I really would prefer accurate replicas, not 15 year old tools.

  5. The return of Mercedes-Benz to Hot Wheels was great.

    The return of Ferrari to Hot Wheels (via some kind of sublicensing deal with May Cheong) would have been even better even if it's probably just a pipe dream at this point. Maybe next year, new Hot Wheels Ferraris would be quite the strawberry on Hot Wheels' 50th birthday cake.

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