2017 Matchbox Hudson Hornet Police: Man I am so sick of beautiful classic Matchbox Police Cars…

Memo to Matchbox.

No one likes these.  No one liked the Dodge Monaco Police.  No one liked the Buick Century.  That Foxbody Police?  Pegwarmer!

So here you guys run with another stunning classic police car, a ’51 Hudson Hornet.  Seriously?  With a VUM base?  It’s gonna hang, friends.  I wish you could figure that out.  It has already been determined that you don’t care, and this is further evidence.

I doubt anyone will like it, but Lamley will.  He’ll hype anything.  He will probably pontificate on its detail and looks, and how it is a perfect Matchbox.  There should always be a spot for a classic police car new model every year, and this one fits so well, he will say.  Then he will, as he always does, suggest a few other classic police cars that would look good on a Matchbox blister.

Maybe cars like the ’83 Nissan DR30 Skyline Police.  Or a Toyota Crown Police.  Or a Dodge Coronet.  Or a Dodge Diplomat.  Just keep that slot open, and keep filling it with awesome stuff.

For now, the Hudson Hornet fills that slot, and it is a must have.  It seems like a model that could have been done 10 years ago in that other Golden Era.  Its existence in the 2017 range I think says a lot about where we are headed.  Fingers crossed it continues…

The obvious pairing is the Buick Century Police, and wow do they look good together.  Too bad no one will buy these terrible models.  Look for the Hornet later this year/early next…

25 Replies to “2017 Matchbox Hudson Hornet Police: Man I am so sick of beautiful classic Matchbox Police Cars…”

  1. Hey I've been waiting for a classic police car like the Hudson hornet for a long time! But yeah I still wish they would make an 80's or 90's Caprice Classic that would be the best!

  2. I like the Hudson. I know it will be a tough find because police cars tend to sell out fast in my area. But I would like to see Matchbox produce some global police cars. especially from England and Australia. Especially Australia, now that the ford Falcon and Holden Commodore/Caprice are on their way out.

  3. I'm confused? Is the article going for sarcasm? Tongue in cheek? Nobody liked the dodge Monaco? Nobody is going to like this classic? Seriously hope you were being sarcastic. If not you are smoking something. These fly off the pegs here in South Africa. I personally will snatch that up. What an awesome looking police car!

  4. Haha, yes, he's being sarcastic. Some collectors rip on him about only liking JDM and getting the hype up for certain items. So this is poking fun at that.

  5. I'll be getting a few. I think it looks great. What about a Mini Cooper police car. Just needs a hole in the roof, slightly blue tinted window moulding. Jobs a good un. Liverpool Police used them in the 60s/70s.

  6. The Buick was a bit cartoonish in it's proportions. The Hudson is not a bad casting, but I'm not terribly interested. I'd rather see MBX do contemporary cars and trucks and leave the classics to HW.

  7. Forgive me please, as I am a MAN number collector. Has the team finally fixed the MAN number issue? The preview version shows MB1032 on the base, but that's wrong! The MAN number has already been used by Ford Transit TV News Truck.

  8. I have an order for you. Could you possibly ask the Matchbox Team to make the 2016 Dodge Durango, because I feel like that NEEDS the matchbox treatment. Also ask them to make models such as the new generation Dart, the new Honda Pilot & Ridgeline, the new Chysler Pacifica minivan, the Nissan Armada, Chevrolet Traverse, and the 1994 Ford Aerostar, because I would like those models to be stellar Matchbox castings rather than the stupid Wheelin Wrecker and the horrific Seed Shaker and Rain Maker.

  9. FYI, I'm in Lynchburg, VA and while our local WalMarts and Target are not keeping even a decent supply of Matchbox single hangers or even 5 packs, the local Dollar Tree stores have become the go-to for individual hangers. Between three within 5 miles of me, there's a good variety every few weeks or so.

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