Tomica Limited Vintage goes rally with the Lancia Delta Integrale 16V…

Yeah, they don’t LOOK rally, but those Lancia 16V’s most definitely are.

Tomica Limited Vintage continues its world tour in the Neo line with another surprise, the Lancia Delta Integrale.  They have been doing this lately, especially with Italian cars.  At one point it was Germany, with Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche getting some love, but in true TLV fashion, once everyone zigged along with them, they zagged.  And now we see Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and soon Fiat in the lineup.

I am partial to those Alfas, but boy are these Lancias a treat.  The Integrale 16V was mode for rally, and even in street stock form they show it.  And knowing TLV’s love for race cars, I do wonder if an Evoluzione is in the works:

credit: wikipedia

Even if it isn’t, these pair in red and black with happily suffice.  Cars of this era are getting more and more desirable, and if TLV is keen on doing cars from both Europe and Japan from the late 80’s/early 90’s, we are in for some must-have collecting.

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  1. Lancia Delta one of the all time greats. This is my first TLV and I wasn't disappointed. I do think the wheels would have looked better in gun metal though, and the HF front grille badge is missing.

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