The Zamac Batmobile caps a fantastic year of Hot Wheels Zamacs…

Year 4 done.  Will there be a year 5?

If you don’t count the earlier Zamac series from 2004, 2016 Hot Wheels Batch Q finished the fourth year in a row of 18 Walmart exclusive Zamacs.  The years prior saw some exclusive colors at Walmart, or exclusive wheels, but in 2013 they figured it all out by doing Zamacs.  Same decos as the standard basic version, only in different colors, and applied on a raw body.  Such a great idea, and they have been a pleasure to collect.

The 72 Zamacs have been a fabulous variety of models.  Mostly licensed, but pulled from all kinds of basic segments.  It seems every subgroup of models has been represented, maybe outside of the animal castings.  But that is ok, and Mattel, don’t get any ideas.

It seems every great basic casting has had a chance to be a Zamac.  Two Skylines, several Camaros, a plethora of Mustangs, the Civic, a couple of Porsches, pickups, the ’55 Gasser, a lot of muscle, supercars, and even a Ferrari.  Two of my favorites, the Greenwood Vette and Ford Gran Torino, went Zamac this year.

Of course there are some that definitely need the Zamac treatment.  It only seems a matter of time before the likes of the Datsun Wagon, ’83 Silverado, Kool Kombi, Porsche 993 & 934, Datsun 620, and ’67 Camaro go raw.  Maybe a few in 2017.

And while it is hard to say what year was the best, 2016 can make a great case.  There were a handful of duds, and not even a sliver of Japanese cars, but two classic Vettes, a Gulf Ford GT, Heralda’s 5000 deco, a C10, and some fantastic muscle, made for a great year.

But 2016 will be the year of the Batmobile.  The George Barris classic has been a hit with collectors since it debuted several years ago, and it has seen many incarnations, both premium and basic.  But ’16 saw the Batmobile become the most sought after Super, and easily the most pursued Zamac.  And even I, who doesn’t have a single bat car in the collection, have to admit this is a fantastic model, and a perfect Zamac.

Yesterday was a Zamac day.  I found the Batch N Zamacs, was fortunate to be a recipient of a ROAK from @diecast_hunter, who sent the final three from Batch Q, including the Batmobile, which I anticipate having a hard time finding.  Thanks to Joe’s kindness, I can show you the last two batches, along with a quick recap of 2016.

What are your faves?

All 18 Walmart Zamacs, in order of release:

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  1. Hahah la you got an RAOK from an known scalping douche bag! Yeah fucking right you made a deal with that fucker so he could get seen on your site and others would go to him and hel fund his scalping and hoarding making it harder for others to find shit! You used to have a stand up blog but now it's ass kissing and cock sucking any one from Mattel to eBay scum bags just to get the newest stuff!

  2. Do any Canadians ever see Walmart-exclusive ZAMAC's at Dollarama or Giant Tiger, two stores which I know get Walmart USA Hot Wheels overstock?

    In theory I should find the ZAMACs at Dollarama but I've seen nary a one, and I've found $upers at Dollarama so I know I get there sometimes as soon as they hit the pegs.

    Unrelated, I'd love to see the '67 Camaro as a ZAMAC but I think the Summit Camaro in 2013 was the last time we'll ever see the '67 as a mainline car unless they retool it with… ugh… a plastic chassis and non-opening hood. I thought they might just use the Color Shifters version of the '67 Camaro for the basics from now on, but that one has a plastic body instead of the chassis and, as such, it would preclude them from doing a ZAMAC if they released it like that.

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