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Ever wanted to ask Hot Wheels Legends Larry Wood & Bob Rosas a question? Here is your chance…

The Hot Wheels Convention is coming up quick, and hopefully many of you are planning on attending.  I will be there, and barring a disaster at home like last year’s flooded basement, I hope to be there long enough to meet many of you.

There is a lot to look forward to, and one of them is a Fireside Chat on Friday, October 6th, with legendary Hot Wheels Designers Larry Wood & Bob Rosas.  hobbyDB is hosting the event, and it is a chance for collectors to mingle and chat with two of the most influential names in our hobby.  All the info is on the hobbyDB blog.

And those unable to attend, you won’t miss out.  hobbyDB is taking questions for both on their blog, so be sure to ask a couple.  They also mentioned they are putting it the presentation on YouTube, and don’t tell them I might try to get it on Facebook Live.  Sssssshhhhhhhhh…

If you don’t know these names, you should.  So much of what we enjoy today from Hot Wheels, like Real Riders, is because of the work these two have done with Hot Wheels.  Here is a great chance to learn a lot more about the history of Hot Wheels, and diecast in general.

See you there…


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