The Lancia Delta Integrale adds to the diecast riches of Tomica Limited Vintage…

Japan Booster eBay Store

Well sometimes you just don’t know where to look.

For you Tomica Limited Vintage fans (if you are not, you should be), the September batch is out, and it is amazing.  There are additional versions of recently introduced castings, as well as an out-of-left-field debut that has become a TLV staple.  You can see it all, and grab what you want, at Japan Booster, along with the slew of Kyosho and other amazing models:

Japan Booster eBay Store

In the last couple of months, TLV has released the R34 Nissan Skyline sedan and the elegant Nissan President, and more versions are out.  The R34 comes in two street versions this time instead of the police versions from last time, and the President sports a police livery and fantastic two-tone deco as well.

I am super excited for the whole batch, but the true stars are the two Lancia Delta Integrale 16V’s that debut.  TLV has gone with an Italian theme the last few months, with several Alfa Romeos released, as well as the Fiat Panda coming up.  So the Delta is not a big surprise from that perspective.

But instead of the standard late-80’s Delta, they did the rally-inspired Integrale 16V.  Still stock, but a little more sporty than you would expect, and that is most welcome.

The model comes in two colors:

And here are some other must-haves from the September Batch:

That’s a lot of good stuff.  But it isn’t all.

The October Batch is also available for preorder at, at it is equally must have.  Two more Honda CR-X’s, plus the brand new Fiat Panda – more Italy – and the Subaru Legacy.  I will always tout the joy of collecting TLV.  It is hard to get them all, as they aren’t cheap, but thanks to Japan Booster and their “Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more” deal, it makes it a lot easier.

And it is totally worth it…

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