Lamley is only about JDM, Part 1: Hot Wheels ’76 Greenwood Corvette…

Don’t you hate how Lamley hypes JDM?

If a set comes out, all he will show is the Japanese car.  It is an elaborate 5-year social plan orchestrated to make Japanese cars popular in the diecast world, so that they will be hard to find in stores.  He states he has been a fan of Japanese cars since his father bought a Honda in 1982, and his little self couldn’t get over how cool the tiny 4-door with mud flaps was compared to the last car dad had.

But we know better.  He just does it to hype.  And we know this because he has never shown anything other than Japanese cars on his blog.  Never.

And here we go again.  The Hot Wheels Greenwood Corvette is as JDM as it gets.  Whenever a Greenwood is released, of course Lamley’s gonna show it, and hype it, because of its clear Japanese wide body looks.  I mean, no one had even heard of Corvettes until Lamley hyped them.  It was just a few select in-the-know folks that knew about the obscure Chevrolet Japanese car.

Now, it seems every middle aged dude going through a mid-life crisis is driving one, and they are way more expensive now than they were before.  Thanks Lamley!

He might state the Greenwood is his favorite Hot Wheels Corvette casting.  In fact I think it is.  He would say Corvettes need to be over-the-top, and John Greenwood took those lines to new heights with his slab-side creations.  It speaks to the car knowledge of the Hot Wheels folks, Jun Imai in this case, for them to recreate such a kickass car.  (See!  Jun Imai designed it, and he only creates JDM too.  Hypemeister.  Case closed!)

So yeah, the Greenwood has gotten some pretty dope releases, first in the Hot Wheels Racing premium line, and as a Super TH, and a mail-in, and a Convention Finale Car, and even a Zamac.  And they all look amazing, at least according to Lamley.  Of course he is going to show all the releases now.  Will he ever stop showing just JDM?

(And yes, this is Part 1 of a series on my favorite JDM.  Part 2: Ford Gran Torino Sport coming soon…)

6 Replies to “Lamley is only about JDM, Part 1: Hot Wheels ’76 Greenwood Corvette…”

  1. I both love and hate you for this article. I had a near addiction to the Greenwood Corvette this last year, and mus thav 5x of the black ones.
    Seriously, I coundn't NOT buy one when I saw it. Now I know there are other more magnificent versions out there I will have to restrain myself a bit.
    (P.S. I'm a casual collector who opens most of his scale cars and scoots them across his desk. If I ever stumbled over a super rare car in the wild I might keep it boxed and sell to a serious collector, not for the money, but also knowing they would probably enjoy it more than me.)

    Love the work from the Lamely Group, and I keep checking for updates.

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