Two new Matchbox exclusive 5-packs hit Toys R Us…

Back in June we previewed the Matchbox Shark Week models.  At the time, I had no idea some would show as singles and others in a 5-pack.  The singles showed awhile ago, and now, thanks to the efforts of our Resident California Reporter (RCR), @hw_jay, we can report that the Shark Week 5-pack is out.

Like the singles, the 5-pack is a Toys R Us exclusive, as is its companion 5-pack, Monster Week.

If you remember the Jurassic World Series from a year ago, these packs seem to be very similar.  Themed decos on some decent licensed and pretty horrific unlicensed models.  Crown Vic?  Yes.  That Garbage Truck thing?  Nope.  Chevy Van?  For sure.  That dump truck on tracks?  Nah.  
Ultimately I am fine with these packs, especially since they are additional series to basic and other 5-packs.  And when the Jeep and Land Rover series are mixed in, other series like these are fine.  Just keep the really bad castings out.
It seems more of these types of series are coming.  I have two to preview in the next few days, and hopefully if these perform well, we will see more.  
In the meantime, head to TRU…

7 Replies to “Two new Matchbox exclusive 5-packs hit Toys R Us…”

  1. Isn't Shark Week in August?
    Anyhow, hey look at that Trial Tipper at the top of the Monster 5 pack… WOW, it's got treads! DARN.. I should have known.. it only has 4 tiny little wheels underneath. Non-functional treads… (enter sad face here!)

    If you really want Matchbox vehicles with REAL rubber working treads, you have to buy vintage because MBX (or Mattel for tha matter) will never offer that again!

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