Hey Matchbox let’s make this thing a one-and-done…

So this is called the Wheelin’ Wrecker.  This is the only time you will see it on the blog, outside of a case unboxing or something similar.

Typically models like this I just pass on by.  I focus on models I like or I think are interesting in my features here on Lamley, and this is definitely not one of them.  So why am I featuring it?  Because I hope we never see it again.

Right now Matchbox and Hot Wheels are smack dab in the middle of 2018.  2017 is done, the lineups are made and new tools selected.  There is a still a little work to do, but essentially all the planning is done.  So 2018 is being planned.  New castings, lineups, everything.

With 2017 planned, there still might be time to take this, and other models like it, out of the lineup, if in case they are in there.  Plus, the reason I bring up 2018 is because this Wheelin’ Wrecker was probably planned a very long time ago, most likely before Matchbox committed to more realism and more metal.

Think that just a few years ago, Mattel thought this was the casting to celebrate Matchbox at Toy Fair:

The Dump Dozer was not only horrible looking, even in a premium deco for Toy Fair, but it was unrealistic and mostly plastic.  Hopefully the 2017 Toy Fair model will be a far cry from this thing. (Although I do wonder if the Dump Dozer Toy Fair takes on a unique spot for collectors.  So awful I could see it becoming something to show off a few years down the line.)

Nonetheless, there is little difference between the Dump Dozer and the Wheelin’ Wrecker.  Tons of plastic, and ugly look, little play value, and that (cue my high voice) llleeeeeeeettle piece of metal in red around the cab.

Looking the 2017 lineup, there isn’t anything as bad as this.  Generics are part of the deal, but they look much more realistic.  That is a good sign, especially since the Matchbox Team has expressed a strong commitment to creating realistic models.

As we move into 2017, let’s hope the Dozer and the Wheelin’ Wrecker become relics of a very distant past…

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  1. However, with a child's hat on I'd have quite liked it. Its got a appeal and play value. Would I have bought it for my children – not sure. My son liked Thunderbirds etc and it sort of fits in. My daughters had all sorts – later a collection of pink cars.

  2. This is such a disappointing model that is nothing like what was presented on the poster at the 2015 Matchbox Gathering. The “Big Rig Wrecker” photo looked so much more promising than the 3D print.

  3. Plastic junk! Where's the metal? Can this qualify as a 'die-cast'? If my boy was a few years younger, I doubt he would have grabbed it.. I don't even know if one of his Grandma's would buy it for him either.
    They would probably get him something way mor cool like the examples below:




    Ahhhhh.. the good ole days, right MBX? I'm sorry to say, but KISS THOSE DAYS GOODBYE!!!!

  4. Yes my friend.. I dug up just one example from 1996 (you did say 20 yrs ago HAHA):


    Even then, they were functional, durable diecast vehicles that emulated real life stuff a kid can relate to. Not a featherweight piece of plastic ith no real substance.
    Hey, treads are awesome! I don't know about the future of peg warmers with all that, did I mention, plastic?

  5. Wheelin' Wrecker is a shockingly bad generic. Bad design, far too much plastic. Matchbox, just give a written warning to the person who designed Wheelin' Wrecker and destroy any trace of its existence!

  6. more plastic part,worst distribution (here in Indonesia,we just recently starting hw 2016 box A FROM official distributor where other country starting to reach the end of hw batch)

    cause of reason above, i already reduce collecting from mattel brand and begin to get majorette : )

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