The LA Hot Wheels Convention is less than a month away, and ticket sales end tomorrow. Come join us!

Ah, fall.  Labor Day has passed, so we transition from summer to autumn.

For some, it means the leaves changing, pumpkin spice, football, back to school, and Halloween.  For collectors, it means a whole bunch of other things.  No more damn kids in the toy aisles (hehehehehehe), the beginning of the “when is Kdays?” questions, speculating on the next year’s Supers, and the Hot Wheels Convention.

Nationals is always spring, and the Convention is always fall, always LA.  And if you haven’t done the LA Convention, it is a must-do.

I have now been able to attend both Nationals and the West Coast Convention, and I loved both.  But they are also very different.  Sure, room trading is nuts, there are a ton of events, and Mattel is always there to mingle with collectors and preview upcoming releases.

But each convention brings out different crowds, and in turn a different vibe.  Whatever creates that, it makes both events something every collector should do at least once.  And your chance to do LA is less than a month away.  Even more urgent, you only have one more day to get tickets.

So head over to the Convention Website and grab your tickets:

Your ticket to the convention gets you in the door, gets you into most events, and also gives you the opportunity to buy the convention models.  There are other events that require a separate ticket, most notably the special dinner honoring HW Designer Ryu Asada on Thursday, October 6th.  It will be a chance to get to know Ryu and his work with Mattel, plus leave with an exclusive Ryu-designed model.  I am attending the convention, and this dinner is one of the main reasons why.

All the rest of the details are laid out on the website.

If you talk to anyone who has attended a Convention of two, you will always notice that they talk about the experience more than the acquisitions, whether they be models acquired through in-room trading or the exclusives.  But if you are not convinced, then just come for the models.

We have seen sneak peeks of the three convention models, and they are definitely worth attending:

There are only 2600 of each:

That is not a bad group at all.  Add to that the Thursday Dinner model, the RLC model, and Finale Car, and you have a fantastic group of six.  You will be happy about that, but you will be even happier to attended in general.

Who is coming?

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