Two Porsches, a Ghia, a Datsun, and a Chevelle walk into a bar…

Five cool cars.  Two Porsches, a Ghia, a Datsun, and a Chevelle will always be cool.

But Two Porsches, a Ghia, a Datsun, and a Chevelle that look like these five?  That’s far out, man.  That’s invite only.  That’s “you’re not invited because you ain’t cool enough, and you know it”.

Car Culture just can’t be cool cars.  There are a lot of cool cars.  But when Culture is involved, the cars need to look like these five.  The 964 needs to have Magnus-red bumpers.  The Ghia needs a crazy removable spoiler and be named the Ghia-Teen.  The 510 needs to look like a clean, classic, vintage racer.  The 935 needs a Vintage feel too, even if it has been Magnus-tised.  The Chevelle needs to be the show-stopper, floating in sporting angelic white.

Each of these models replicate the passion and sweat that goes into the cars they represent.  You don’t show up stock.  You show up in a car that will win, and look good doing it.  That is why I love Track Day.

And so culminates a stellar new premium series, Car Culture.  I am so excited for what these four batches brought, and I am already clearing the space for the follow-up in 2017.  I will do a full review of Car Culture soon, but the themes were spot on, the casting decisions terrific, and the new models stellar.  So much good stuff.

Surely we will see the new models from this year’s Car Culture again soon.  Maybe in the mainline, maybe in another premium line, but it is cool to know that these new tools were made solely for Car Culture.  Some of you have poo-poo’d the plastic bumpers on the 964, but keep in mind this made to replicate a Magnus Porsche.  So an extra piece was added, breaking the 4-part rule.  The 964 goes base, bumpers, interior, windows/rear taillights, body.  My guess is for this model to hit the mainline, changes will be made.  So enjoy it for what it is.  It will be very hard to leave that one on the pegs.

Sure, Hot Wheels has been just a tad too Magnus-centric of late, but I am not complaining.  Look at all the Porsche love we have seen the last few months.  I am happy to have them all.

So yes, Hot Wheels went 20 for 20 on Car Culture.  I see no slumps in the future either.  Keep ’em coming…

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5 Replies to “Two Porsches, a Ghia, a Datsun, and a Chevelle walk into a bar…”

  1. I would like to get a couple of them but the big problem is availability. I have yet to see any assortments of Car Culture in the big box stores yet the 2016 sets are now complete with the release of the Track Day segment? What the heck is going on?

  2. That Datsun's my favorite! The 964 is alright, not the greatest. The red really shows off the plastic. But, still a great overall car. The Chevelle is also really nice! But, I'll see if I can find the whole set, just cuz.

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