Lamley Showcase: The notable models from the Hot Wheels 2016 Q Case…

The Q Case.

Always a significant case for Hot Wheels collectors.  The last case of the year, the last Super of the year, a time to put a bow on one run and get ready for another.

And there always seems to be some significance.  Two years ago it was a Best-for-Last case.  The Datsun 510 Wagon Super, along with the debut of both the 2015 Ford Mustang and the Porsche 934.  Last year, after the Nissan 180SX set the collector world aflutter at Nationals, if finally debuted in the 2015 Q Case – along with the Off-Road Toyota Super, which caught everyone by surprise with how nice it was.

So what epic event has Hot Wheels reserved for the 2016 Q Case?  Not much.  Of course they didn’t need to, but 2016 – a fabulous year from Hot Wheels by any measure – ends with a bit of a whimper.

There are some definite highlights, but the Carbonic Super TH is not one of them.  The ’69 Corvette is a great new model, but it doesn’t have any compatriots.  The black 180SX is an improvement over the white version, and the yellow Honda Monkey is nice.

Of course I am selling the case a tad short.  There is a lot to like, including repeats from previous cases.  I walked through it all in the Q Case Showcase.  So you have that going for you, which is nice.

(This Showcase is sponsored by Sterling Protector Cases.)

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