The Hot Wheels ’69 Corvette Racer is a perfect companion to the ’69 COPO…

HW ’69 Corvette Racer on ebay

I have a favorite Hot Wheels Corvette.  I don’t know if everyone has a favorite Hot Wheels Corvette, but you should.  Just like you should have a favorite Hot Wheels Mustang (’69 Boss), a favorite Hot Wheels Camaro (’70 Road Race), and a favorite Hot Wheels Chevelle (’70 Wagon).

My favorite Hot Wheels Corvette is a top 5 Hot Wheels casting for me as well.  It’s the ’76 Greenwood and it is marvelous.  So bloody over-the-top, so bloody 70’s racing, and an extreme version of what is to me the best-looking generation of Corvettes.

Just behind the joy that is the Greenwood is the ’69 COPO.  Same great silhouette, beautifully detailed casting, and damn there have been some beautiful versions, starting with its debut as a Toy Fair model:

I have all versions – sans the elusive white interior variation on the first basic release – and plan on collecting all of the COPOS as they are released.

So I guess that means I will be collecting the new ’69 Racing Vette as well, because is the roofless racing version.

I completely forgot about this model, and was literally surprised to pull it out of the Q Case.  Glad I did, because it was a nice surprise.  It almost seems old school Hot Wheels to see a release like this.  But yeah, it is most welcome, and it is instantly taking a place next to the COPO in the collection.  I will keep a place next to it too, because another premium version is coming soon.

So if you haven’t picked a favorite Hot Wheels Corvette yet, consider this a homework assignment.  There are many to choose from, but you NEED one.  Every collector does.

The ’69 would be a good one to consider…

(Hot Wheels Corvettes on hobbyDB)

5 Replies to “The Hot Wheels ’69 Corvette Racer is a perfect companion to the ’69 COPO…”

  1. Probably my favorite in the regular line is the 80s Corvette, especially in the 100th Anniversary decorations. The white on white was very 80s. Next would be the C6R and the 88 ZR1 Convertible.

  2. I have almost every Hot Wheels Corvette mainline casting (not every variation) and four 100% releases. A rough top 5 from the mainlines I have:

    1. Greenwood
    2. Sting Ray racer concept
    3. COPO
    4. C6.R
    5. SR2

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