US Walmarts are catching up on Matchbox…

Just a heads up that many of you are finding the latest batch from Matchbox, Batch K, at US-based Walmarts.  And considering hobby dealers just say these a few days ago, that is really good news.

That means the Dodge A100, Land Rover Defender 110, and the National Parks Ram Police are all up for grabs.

Interesting because the batch before just showed up within the last few days at US Walmarts as well.  So if you are really lucky, you could be coming home with the VW Transporter as well.

And yeah, this is all good news for collectors here in the US, but what about elsewhere?  There was a rumor about Matchbox being pulled from the UK, but that was exactly that, a rumor.  If stores want Matchbox, they will get it, and with reports that ASDA stores have restocked Matchbox lately, hopefully that means more to come.

In the meantime, keep posting pics of your local Matchbox pegs on Instagram with the tag #mymatchboxpegs to show Mattel what is and what is not showing up.  The more the Matchbox Team can show those in charge of distribution what it really is like out there, the more ammo they have to get Matchbox to everyone.

Ultimately, stores will stock what people want.  Many of you share my opinion that the product is vastly improved, and will continue to improve, so make sure you let your local stores know that you want more orange on the pegs…

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  1. I'm amazed at how quickly Case K has arrived in Australia. It's already at BigW stores (some better than others) and I picked up all 12 new models on Saturday. I was stunned! Unfortunately all the VW Transporters from H & J have been snaffled very quickly by speculators. That one is proving very difficult to find.

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