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Lamley Showcase: Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza Motorsports…

You that slight complaint that gets murmured here and there about Car Culture?  The castings are amazing, the decos spot-on, and the card art is the best ever, but…the lack of front and rear details is a  tiny little bummer.

Well it appears Hot Wheels Entertainment has you covered.  Soon after the release of Gran Turismo in the Entertainment line – not to be confused with the set currently being devoured at your local Walgreens – later this month in the US, Forza will hit.  And Hot Wheels is allowing us a little preview.

Hot Damn.

The full photo showcase is coming in a bit, but we start with the YouTube feature, including the full DLM:

Full photo feature coming soon…

UPDATE: It has been pointed out by several of you that I botched the pronounciation of “Giulia” pretty badly.  Yep, I did.  I have done it several times before (re: Renault) and I promise I will do it many times more.  If you are concerned however, you can watch this video to know I have pronounced it correctly before:

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  1. Yikes jarring is a strong word. I can only say this:

    When you do these videos, and you are trying to make sure all goes well – without cuts, because you are opening the models – mistakes are made. Just to ease your concerns, here is a video I did awhile ago where I pronounced it correctly:

  2. John… The significance of the '74 Ford Falcon XB coupe is that it is a classic Australian musclecar.
    Eric Bana even did a doco on his own XB that he destroyed in a classic car rally here in Australia.
    For Australians the XB is iconic, but on a global scale I couldn't really talk to the significance other than it would be a rare musclecar globally since it was only manufactured and sold in Australia.
    BTW… the '74 XB Falcon was the base for the black “Interceptor” in the original MAD MAX films, furthering the cult status of the XB coupe.

  3. I should clarify I meant the significance of the Falcon to the Forza game. The significance of the actual Falcon isn't lost on me. I have too many friends from Australia that make sure I am aware. Such a fantastic car and beautiful here in this series.

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