Jun Imai unveils the eye-popping 2017 Hot Wheels Datsun Fairlady 2000…

Hey, if Jun lets it out of the bag, it’s gotta be an official unveil right?

It is a good time to remind everyone that Lamley is completely committed to not showing anything that was unofficially leaked or stolen.  Sadly that wasn’t always the case with my blog, and it is something I regret.  But I am a year in to not doing it and it was the right thing to do.

So yes, many of you have asked about this one when it was leaked, but until Mattel or someone therein gives the A-OK, this model doesn’t exist.

It does now.

Today on his Instagram feed, Hot Wheels Designer Jun Imai unveiled the absolutely stunning Fairlady 2000, or Datsun Roadster, which will be one of the first new models of 2017:


The Datsun Roadster is one of those no-brainer models, actually for both the blue and orange brands at Mattel, and Hot Wheels has added its perfect, speederiffic aftermarket touch.  And, as Jun points out, it is track-friendly even without the dreaded upsloped chin.  This is surely going to a popular release, and based on Jun’s use of certain hashtags, SoCal car nerds may have a preview soon.

Damn, JCCS is going to be a monster this year…

6 Replies to “Jun Imai unveils the eye-popping 2017 Hot Wheels Datsun Fairlady 2000…”

  1. It seems as of lately that in the beginning batch of every year, Hot Wheels releases one or more new and awesome JDM classics! I ain't complainin for sure! Another sweet JDM to look out for!

  2. Oh yay ANOTHER japanese car – come on Hot wheels there is life outside of the USA and Japan, how about some more Euro centric cars, or what about Chinese, the MG range, for instance, what about an old MGB, to go with the For dTransit and Ford Escort…..

  3. Jon think hard about what you just said. And understand why you didn't think hard about it. And why that most likely wont happen. Outside of what bmw and mercedes offers euro cars kinda suck. And you cant expect a japanese dude who most likely came up wishing HW's had more japanese cars to want more euro cars. Plus Licencing comes into play which HW's pays for and has to be allowed by the real company. Alot of the classic japanese cars were sold world wide and alot of the euro stuff stayed in europe. So why would HW's make more euro cars when only europe people would know or care about them. The ford supervan and the old ford rs are HW's just in case you missed that. If you want more weird euro cars. Then try matchbox. Or some other brand of mini cars that company is based in europe.

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