Hot Wheels N Case shippers are hitting Walgreens, and there is a little treat inside…

A couple of days ago, while traveling, I happened upon a cute little Hot Wheels side kick shipper while visiting Walgreens:

Actually, I happened upon two, but forgot to photograph the other one.  The first thing I noticed was a pair of black BMW CSL Race Cars.  The second was that supercool Ford GT on the top shelf.  It was a bit of a surprise to see such new stuff at Walgreens, and of course I dug in.  R34 Skylines, Focus RS’s, Ford GTs, and a plethora of other N Case models.  There was even a Dodge Ram I didn’t remember seeing before.

Ultimately I left with nothing, but it was cool to look through such fresh stuff.  Of course I was a little bummed there was no Ford GT Super for me to snag, but I also left racking my brain trying to remember if I had pulled that Dodge Ram in any case unboxings.

Well I hadn’t.  I thought this might be a Walgreens exclusive, especially since there is no case code on the back of the card.  Dan Pardo from the Hot Wheels Newsletter noticed the same thing, and messaged me asking the same question:

Well, a quick inquiry with someone in the know, and sure enough, the Dodge Ram 1500 in blue is a Walgreens exclusive.  Cool, eh?  I do enjoy store exclusives, so I had to go find one.

Sure enough, after returning home, I decided to go hit my local Walgreens, and looks what was waiting for me:

Sure enough, N Case models, and three Dodge Rams.

After a quick look-through with a very amused Walgreens employee, I grabbed a Dodge – and left the Beatles Sub for a very curious lady looking on – and went home.  No Super, but I do have an example of the N Case Super, and it is in the photo at the top of this post.  Maybe someone will get lucky and fine one.

So go hit your Walgreens.  Sure, visions of $uperplums will be dancing in your heads, but the Walgreens exclusive is a decent consolation prize if you aren’t lucky.

Let us know how you do…

9 Replies to “Hot Wheels N Case shippers are hitting Walgreens, and there is a little treat inside…”

  1. The only place on earth that hasn't gotten these shippers is South Houston. My buddies in Katy even got them, but South Houston hasn't. They did get Halloween cars though.

  2. You're not alone. None in north Texas. Hot wheels are the most infuriating thing to collect. Sometimes I just wanna punch whoever is in charge of distribution.

  3. Anyone see these in the Mid-Atlantic by chance? Seems like we get things last, late or not at all, so I understand what you're sayin Q Tran! Seems like some of the stores in my area don't give a crap… I'm talking about you Walmart, among others!

  4. Hit 4 Walgreens, in SoCal. 1 had some N case but picked through. Second had just unloaded a whole N case, plus a case of Gran Turismos, found Ford GT, Acura NSX, 1 RAM and picked up the Grand Turismo set. Third has 3 Rams and some N case, including the Porsche Carrera GT. Fourth, had nothing. Had a friend run across the street by the one at their house, and they had 4 Rams, and parts of the GT set, but none of the licensed N case cars.

  5. I hit one in SoCal, no shipper but found the Ram on the rack, along with a couple of other N case cars- they also had the Fiat and the VW from the Car Culture series. I never see those on the shelf around here. When I was checking out the checker said some guy had bought the whole shipper last week, maybe they put some cars from a second one on the shelf. Glad to find the one though.

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