The Mercedes SLR McLaren makes its triumphant return to the Matchbox range…

It probably isn’t the biggest surprise, but it is definitely most welcome.

Today on its Instagram feed, Matchbox let the cat out of the bag:

A photo posted by @matchboxworld on Jul 25, 2016 at 5:54am PDT


The SLR McLaren is back, and it returns to the 2017 Mainline.

Until now it has been a one-year wonder.  It debuted in 2009 in silver, was recolored in black, and then Mattel lost the license.  A blue model was planned for a 5-pack, but was cancelled.  And the tool has sat in limbo ever since.

Once Mattel announced the return of Mercedes, whether or not the SLR would return has been the most-asked question by far.  And OF COURSE it was going to return.  Fresh tool, great model, so a no-brainer.

This model makes its return in silver, which looks a lot like the debut in 2009.  From what I have been told, this is more of a pure silver compared to the bluish tint of the debut.  Hopefully I will get a chance to compare the two soon, and I will pass along any pics.

Duplicate color or not, how great is it to have this one back?

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  1. I'm stoked to have this one back! I'm sure glad I kept my original one! Hopefully this one will be easier to find!

    The thing is, when this car first came out, I was a kid and just like any other kid getting an awesome Matchbox, I opened it. The good thing is I never played with it. I was collecting a whole slew of Matchboxes back then and tried not to play with them. With the SLR McLaren, I made the smart choice and didn't touch that one, since I knew how awesome it was and eventually how valuable it would become!

    I actually looked up the original on eBay to see what they're going for. I'm shocked to see how expensive these are! Many are listed between the $25.00-50.00 range. There's even a black one listed for $120.00! Holy cow!

    Now that it's coming back, I'll make sure to keep a close eye and this time keep it in the package! I can't wait to see this beauty again (That is of course if our stores cooperate!)

  2. @ CJH: E bay is always more/very expensive. Over here you can still find them on local web-sale-pages for 4-5 euro's MOC.

    For me they can issue the SLR in 50 differend shades of grey 😉

  3. Need one in black if they ever reproduce it in the recolor.. have it in silver but black makes it stand out more with that body style.

    But here is my question.. if MBX does reissue this casting, will it change the scarcity of the first edition models currently on ebay as far as value is concerned?

  4. I think more variations will result in more collectors having a line of recent models wanting the early released versions as well to complete this line up.
    The older models will be more wanted and the price goes up. But still E bay prices are way over the top most of the times.

  5. You see, I had a love/loathe relationship with this car. I liked the overall design but that front bumper kinda put it between a rock and a hard place for me. Just looked like a beak.

    As with most things that were medicated with time however, it eventually grew on me. In fact, I still got my original silver one I bought around '10, I believe, and I just took mine out the package last year. Still looks great!

    Never had a black one though; that to me is even classier. It would be sweet if I got my hands on a black one too!

  6. Yeah.. I guess if the new reissue McLaren Mercedes coming out are even the same exact colors (which I doubt), they still won't or shouldn't be the 'same' because the first release will always the “first child” so to speak!

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