Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels P Case…

Hot Wheels 2016 Batch P at Wheel Collectors

P Case is in.  That means one more to go and the Hot Wheels 2016 basic range closes out.

We have our first 2017 model to preview – that comes later this week – so my guess is information will start streaming through soon, and I don’t mean all those leaked sneaks.

But let’s stay with 2016 while we are still here.  Wheel Collectors received their P Case pallet today, and all the models are now listed:

Hot Wheels 2016 Batch P at Wheel Collectors

And as always, they picked a random case and opened it 3-by-3 for Lamley Readers.  The theme for this case appears to be sports cars, but let’s see what you think.


No Super in this case, but that would be the Nitro Doorslammer if you are lucky enough to find one.  The Regular TH is the Repo Duty.

The highlights for me?  No surprise, the Porsche and Lamborghini.

It’s gonna be fun to feature these…

19 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels P Case…”

  1. I'm actually not too crazy about this case. A lot are fantasy cars and most of the other licensed cars are carryovers. So really there's not a lot of variety. But the good thing is the Lambo and Porsche take the cake and make up for the rest!

  2. Not related to this post but can I just say what a great job you do on this blog? The toy collecting community is overun with cynicism, negativity and a sense of entitledness – your blog is the perfect antidote to all that! Just so you know you are very much appreciated! Love and best wishes from the UK

  3. As a P-car enthusiast and collector of multiple Porsche castings, I agree 100% with you. Hopeful, the sister company, Matchbox, can come up with a more realistic casting to make up for it.

  4. I agree. I think it is a soft casting which doesn't help. But the headlights look too big and the rear wing attachment looks to mess up the lines of the rear 1/4 panel.

    Oh yeah, I will still get one.

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