Save the Date: The 2017 Matchbox Gathering of Friends has been announced…

Sad you missed this one?  What with all the Miata-ing about and whatnot, this year’s Gathering was a massive success.

And yes, many of you watched the presentations, and got to see what was coming in 2017.  But how much better would it have been to be there in person?  You would have had a meal, a chance to chat with the team, bid on some awesome auctions, and even walk away with a Dinner Model.

You should definitely do it next year.  And now that you have a year to prepare a trip to New Mexico, you have no excuse.

Next year’s event has been announced.  Straight from the event organizer himself, Jim Gallegos:

The 2016 Matchbox International Gathering of Friends Convention is in the history books and set many records for the event.  If you missed it or if you were in attendance it’s never too late to start planning to start planning for 2017.  Registration opens up at midnight Mountain Standard Time 31 December 2016.  We hope to you will be a part of our 15th annual celebration.  Email for further information.

I promise you won’t regret it.  The event has so many attendees returning each year because it is so damn fun.  And also remember, if you are one of the first 75 to register, you will get the rare 1-of-75 variant of the Dinner Model.  That is always a treat.

So start thinking about it.  Talk to your significant other and talk about the joy of Santa Fe, green chilis, and of course finding Walter White’s house (which isn’t that far from the hotel).  Oh, and playing with little cars for a whole weekend.

See you there…

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  1. Shame they won't do something like this for Matchboxs home country, where there are a lot of die hard collectors, its a kick in the teeth to the place where a toy car is called a Matchbox regardless. Imagine if a English company bought Hot Wheels and moved the convention, special releases and collector lines to England and stopped doing that stuff in the us, you'd feel hard done by.

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