Here is the artwork for all 25 Matchbox New Models in 2016…

Another little treat from the Gathering.  The Matchbox Team handed out artwork for 25 New Models this year.  Most models we have seen already released, but it was nice to see the artwork for the upcoming Skyline (find the error), Dodge Ram, and Volvo Wagon.

Some lucky winners even took home posters of the models as well.

So for those of you who didn’t make it, enjoy…

11 Replies to “Here is the artwork for all 25 Matchbox New Models in 2016…”

  1. It's good that Matchbox went back to making posters. But the content is not the greatest. The only note-worthy cars are the Miata, Chrysler 300, Skyline, Volvo Wagon, Corvette Fire Chief, and maybe the Zamboni.

    I remember the days (2006-2011) when the posters of the full lineup came out and most series would have a whole variety of new castings (licensed castings and a few good looking generics) were offered along with great older castings. It gave me such euphoria back then. Oh how I wish those days would come back to Matchbox! Although they're making small recoveries, it's still not the same.

  2. just fix distribution. All big chain stores should stock your product. If they sell hotwheels they should sell matchbox. How can Hotwheels be decent and close to on point, but yet Matchbox is not even close? Can you imagine if they were a magazine? Imagine its july and you are just received Feb in your mailbox, and sometimes, the magazine company sends you the wrong magazine? That is what being a fan of matchbox feels like. Also atleast half of the assortment for the new models are garunteed peg warmers.

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