Hot Wheels Ford Performance, Euro Style have hit at US Walmarts…

Yes, the standard 2016 eye-roll from our Canadian and Australian-based collectors.

But those of you here in the US, hit your local Walmart for some new Hot Wheels goodies.  Ford Performance and Car Culture Euro Style have finally hit.

Hunter extraordinaire and Lamley confidant @hw_jay came across Ford Performance yesterday (pictured above), and another good friend Ace came across Euro Style today:


I have not seen Ford Performance yet, but it is a Mustang set, and there appears to be some fantastic models included.  Euro Style I have reviewed, and I hope no one thought I sold it short.  It doesn’t live up to the level of Japanese Historics or the upcoming Trucks in Car Culture, but on its own it is fantastic.  The E30 Police and Porsche 993 are must haves for me, and I am sure there are a couple on your list too.  Now you can hit the store and buy what your want.

More stuff is surely to come.  Always let us know what you find…

3 Replies to “Hot Wheels Ford Performance, Euro Style have hit at US Walmarts…”

  1. Well, last week my brother and I finally found the Japan Historics. We have all but the Skyline H/T 2000GT-X. So who knows when these will show up. Same thing with the Ford Performance cars. Our Walmart sucks badly! They're way behind and typically never get any of the desired exclusive series. I may have to try out of town or something.

  2. I hope these eventually pop up in my area. Still haven't seen the BMW series and the only way I got the Japanese Historics was through A&J. The Euro Style could have rivaled the Japanese Historics if they would have included more variety. Four German cars and one Italian. They also just did a Porsche series last year and the BMW series this year. What about Great Britain & France? As for the Ford Performance… It's just okay.

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