Is there a Datsun 510 Wagon Super TH still hanging on the pegs somewhere? There was for Rick Miyasaki…

More for the “random finds” argument.

I have said enough times that I much prefer the random find when it comes to finding Super Treasure Hunts.  But taking it further, the more random, the more unexpected, the better.

That goes for places you don’t expect to find one, or times you don’t expect to find, or even Supers themselves that you don’t expect to find.

All of those scenarios apply to the ridiculous find of Lamley Reader Rick Miyasaki this last weekend.  Strange time, definitely strange place, and of all the Supers, the 2014 Datsun 510 Wagon – a mere 21 months after it was released.

Rick was in the small town of Logan, Utah last Saturday when he came across a sidewalk sale at a local independent bookstore.  I will let him continue:

The Book Table is primarily a book store that also sells instruments, scrapbook supplies and educational toys. The store has been around forever, since 1933 I think. I noticed all of the toys were moved downstairs for the sidewalk sale that Logan downtown frequently has along with a bike race or summer fest. They had one small rotating rack of Hot Wheels amongst all the plastic animals and magic kits. Right there in plain view was the Bluebird Super. All of the HW were old and I’m sure it sat there for a year or two.  
I’d say the number one reason anyone would go to the book table is to rent an instrument or buy sheet music. I’ve been having really good luck finding Supers in random old stores lately (found a Ferrari 599 super at Kings in Tremonton recently) so I just checked it out having no idea they sold HW.

Insane.  How excited would you be?  It is always fun to find a Super, but a Datsun Super, 2 years late, at a book store?

That is what makes Supers fun.  Now, is there another dusty 510 Super out there?  Rick will tell you yes.  So go find it…

(Thanks Rick for sharing.)

14 Replies to “Is there a Datsun 510 Wagon Super TH still hanging on the pegs somewhere? There was for Rick Miyasaki…”

  1. I found a Toy Fair Custom Otto at a yard sale in rural MD a few years back. Was the only Hot Wheel car there. I didn't get more info, but I think the dad who lived there went to Toy Fair as an investor and had no idea about these being collectible. To top it off, I paid a whopping $1 🙂 That's the epitome of happy hunting!

  2. Yup, check your small-town Dollorama's, no doubt there's a super somewhere. That mix showed up there early April. I found a ton of regular wagons but no $upers….

  3. Out of all the random supers, it was that one! One of the most anticipated Supers of 2014, and it it's still sitting somewhere out there not found until this day! Crazy! Great find! I wish I had that random luck!

  4. If you live in Canada, Dollarama is a great place to consistently find older batches of US carded Hot Wheels/MBX. I missed out on the 510 wagon at Walmart but found them at Dollarama months later (no luck with Supers though).

  5. I still haven't found the Super Datsun 510 Wagon at Dollarama but my most recent Super find was at Dollarama (St. Laurent Centre, Ottawa) and was also a station wagon: the '64 Chevy Nova Wagon Super from 2014 that I found at the end of 2015.

    Yeah, I haven't found a Super from any year in about 7 months, and I haven't even found a single 2015 Super let alone a 2016 one. :-/

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