Sterling Protector Cases: I finally found my favorite card protectors, and there is a special price for Lamley Readers…


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You are going to like these.

A few weeks ago I was approached by a company called Sterling Protectors, who wanted me to have a look at their new carded diecast protector cases.  I warned them they might be barking up the wrong tree, as I have a nasty habit of opening just about everything.

But I obliged, and they sent over a couple for me to take a look at.  And I am so glad I did.

Yes, I open everything.  Actually, most things.  As a DLMer, something has to be really special for me to keep it carded.  Rare variations, amazing artwork, whatever it is, I have to very motivated to not rip it open.

So that means I want said carded model to stay in the condition it was when I got it.  That means clamshell protectors.  But I have never been fully satisfied with the options out there.  There are of course the Mattel-produced protectors, which they no longer sell, only given away with RLC and other premium models.  They are decent, but there has been complaints that many times the cardbacks get damaged when stuffed into the clamshell, and other times the blisters don’t fit.  There are other protector makers, to varying degree of quality, but I now know which one I like best.

It is Sterling Protectors.  And I don’t say that because they approached me.  I really do like these the best.

I look for a few things in a protector, and I assume many of you share this criteria:

  1. The cardback is easy to place in and take out of the protector.  No pushing against the side or stuffing into corners.  Corner damage is one of my biggest complaints with protectors.
  2. The blister portion has to be able to accommodate different sizes of blisters, especially long blisters (Think the Matchbox Cadillac One).
  3. It has to display well.  Meaning it stands up on a table and doesn’t slant forward too much.
  4. While being secure, it still has to be easy to open and close.  Many other protectors get bend marks and creases when you try to pull them open.  Forcing stuck protectors open can also damage the cardback and blister.
Well, after putting the Sterling Cases to the test, they passed with flying colors.  Easy to open, the card doesn’t get stuffed in, the blister fit, and the strong clear plastic looks really good.  I even like the two-footed stand on the blister portion.
Even better, these were developed by people who are collectors and were looking for the same thing. Many of the people I enjoy working with started as collectors, and saw a need that could be filled.  That is the case with Sterling.  They wanted better protectors, so they made them.  How cool is that?
So am I hawking these?  Hell yeah I am.  Sterling asked me if I wanted to try these out, and asked if I would take a few photos of the cases for them, and I liked these so much I wanted to pass them on to the Lamley Readers.
So from here on out there is a link to the Sterling site and Amazon store here on the blog.  Just look to the sidebar to your right.  Even cooler, if you enter the code “Lamley05” at checkout on Amazon, you will get a special discount on your order.
There are several pack sizes you can order – 12, 24, 48, and 120 count.  If you just want to try them out, order 12.  You will like what you see when they arrive…

12 Replies to “Sterling Protector Cases: I finally found my favorite card protectors, and there is a special price for Lamley Readers…”

  1. I noticed one of the cars is a Japan Historics.. I just found some in one of my Walmart stores today. I think they were to be avail back since April, if not May.
    Anyhow, luckily I got my case but I'm waiting for more Retro's and the MBX Land Rover series which probably won't show up until probably Aug/Sept. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  2. As per usual (Do Mattel own this company) they are not available in the UK, or even the option to have them shipped here – so again, something esle we cant have….. mmmmmmmm

  3. I hear you. The Vintage Racing, 2012 RoadRacers, Speed Machines, Ferrari Racers series all have non-traditional card format, never seen protectos made for those even though most of those castings are worth $20+ each.

  4. Yes i am fully aware of that – it was sarcasm, everything to do with Mattel or vaguely related items never seem to come to the UK.

    As for BREXIT, i will take your comment with a pinch of salt, because you dont know what will happen, no one does, and to be honest, if it means less to do with the French then all the better 🙂 SARCASM again

  5. John,

    I will make a deal with you. I will get you some of these or any Mattel items if you can get me one item off eBay UK where the seller wants 15 pounds to ship something that will fit in a regular envelope. I understand your frustration but as we said there are many great diecasts we can't get here, Majorette, Welly, Siku, etc. And the Euro sellers know this and jack up the prices.

  6. So both of you bought the Sterling to compare? I like those two but am always frustrated at how hard they are to open and the cards don't always fit in the slot.

  7. Do these (or similar products) have enough space for Matchbox's New Superfast or Lesney Edition cards? I have to say I've never had protectors, but if I were to get any, they'd go on those first.

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