Opening the Matchbox exclusive Land Rover Assortment…

Late last week, a box arrived from Modelmatic in the UK.

It is one I have been looking forward to, because – appropriately – the Matchbox Land Rover Series hit in the UK first.  It is coming to the US as well, and maybe to some other countries, although I don’t know which.

Nonetheless, the Land Rover Series is a great follow-up to the very nice Jeep Series, and hopefully more series like these are on their way.  Great licensed castings, in realistic models and liveries.

So of course I had to open the box.  And film it.  Photos of these models coming to the blog soon.

In the meantime, here is a look at all the models in the series both inside and out of the package, including the two modified models.

(Find the Land Rover set and other cool models at…)


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