The Chrysler 300 joins a small but potent group of 2016 Matchbox Licensed New Models…

This is not the time for the “Matchbox is back!” post.

I don’t know if I will ever do that post, because things are always evolving.  There will be things I like, and things I don’t.  I just hope that the things that I like…I REALLY like.

I think I can say I REALLY like the Matchbox New Models here in 2016.  I wonder if I can say that about 2017 – we will find out next month when the team unveils the 2017 New Model list at the Matchbox Gathering – but the G63 6×6 is a great start.

My guess is 2017 will be a great list, mainly because 2016 is a fantastic list.  It isn’t a long list, but the models have been for the most part stellar.  Sure, I would love to see more, but as I look at the New Models released so far, I am happy with what I see.  I have eight in hand at the moment, thanks to a couple of previews Matchbox sent over.  There are three more that have yet to see – the VW Transporter (arriving this week from Wheel Collectors), the Volvo V60, and the ’71 Nissan Skyline.  I have seen images of all three, and I like what I see.

But let’s focus on what is here, and showcase one of the next to be released, the fabulous 2015 Chrysler 300.

The Chrysler 300 off the bat doesn’t seem like the most logical choice for a new model.  The 300 was a red hot car in the early to mid-2000’s when it’s looks made it the “poor man’s Bentley” and everyone was decking theirs out in a million ways.

Since then the 300 has lost a bit of its luster, but it maintains its signature design cues after a remodel a couple of years ago.  It is a good looking sedan, hot or not.

So you may argue the timing of the Chrysler 300 becoming a Matchbox, but you can’t argue that it is a great Matchbox choice, and even more that was executed perfectly.  We love Matchbox and realism, and the 300 sedan is a perfect choice for a car you see on the road.

And look how good the Matchbox version looks?  The detailing is there, in the casting and the deco, and the dark red is a great debut color.  I see it continuing the legacy of great Matchbox sedans you see on the road like the Dodge Charger, Lexus GS430, and Tesla Model S.

So add the Chrysler 300 to the 7 the licensed models I have seen (minus the Zamboni.  I have no idea why I am not including it).  The group is small, but they pack a punch.

Pick a fave:

Not bad, right?  If I am picking a fave so far, I go with the Dodge Ram Police, but the next three coming might have a little something to say about that.

The Chrysler comes out later this summer…

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  1. I absolutely love this one! I would have preferred the 1st gen 300C (which is what I had suggested) but this is awesome!

    Now, I wonder if Matchbox will make one in black, with grey 5sp wheels! That would be gangsta! Unofficial Breaking Bad version?

  2. This is a great and classic MBX cast already imo. With that said I think you should link the blog with Instagram. I know you have an IG page but feel free to follow me Phillywheels! There are so many that love the pics I post from the blog but many have no idea of the blig and there is so much info for the hobby it should be shared. I'm approaching 1300 followers from around the world in a pretty short time. Not just MBX and HWs but JL,M2,AW,Tomica and more. Really great place to share info,pics and hunting stories hope you guys give a follow keep up the great work this was one of my favorite posts to date.

  3. Thanks John. We do our best to link the Lamley IG feed with the blog, but keeping them separate is a good thing too. There are things you will see on the IG page and not the blog, and vice versa. So follow both. I will check out your feed.

  4. I agree^ I loved the 1st gen 300c since the day I first saw it, but this model's just as good if not better! I'm looking forward to this model. I don't forsee any issues at all with this model. Looks like an instant classic to me.

  5. If Matchbox carries on this way, I will start buying far more, the 300C is stunning, comes second after the Evoque and before the Transit which is in third….. I just wish I could find someone to help me get them, without ripping me off

  6. Well it's about time that Matchbox developed the 2015 Chrysler 300C where I wish they will be available in my hometown(Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada) but as luck (or lack thereof) would have it that probably won't occur anytime soon (my apologies for sounding pessimistic)so my best bet is to purchase it or purchase them from eBay (whenever that may occur.)

  7. Better out late than never! This not only looks clean and sleek, but muscular as well. Color seems close to shade that appeared on the debut Tesla Model S.. but I think the Tesla was a little bit darker.
    Great wheel choice and awesome tampos.
    Nice job Matchbox!!!

  8. Forgot to add the MX-5 and the Volvo in my list –

    Now matchbox have some stunning models, they need to build on this, and get the cases to the UK – bring the small 24 pack case, and i will buy them, per case, keep them at 72 and no one will, not even the small Toy Shops, the expense incurred is way to high, somewhere in the requin of £1000 per WEEK to get Matchbox, thats way too high and way to greedy, and shows that their greed has cut the availability.

    I remember years ago going to my local newsagents and ordering individual models, and they came, now, the same newsagents state they have got to guarantee £50,000 per year spend on matchbox alone, and they are not the only ones.

    I have tried, unsuccessfully to get hold of cases, which is a big loss to MBX, as i know many collectors would buy the smaller case sizes in bulk.

    So Matchbox, if you really are true to your comments about reading these pages, why are you ignoring what the collector says and do something about distribution – it is getting worse, NOT better, far from it, and it means us die hard collector losses out yet again – and i wont pay stupid money to post one model from the USA, nearly $30.00 is a joke, i have had cases arrive for half that, and i had those plastic thread cases come from teh USA SIX of them in one box for $26.00 so to tell me one model costs that much, shows how some people are truly stealing off the collector.

  9. I forgot to point out that when I took notice of the vehicle's headlamps that it has realism compared to an actual 2015 Chrysler 300C.Just pay attention to the headlamp's fine details and someone should know what I'm talking about.

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