Don’t let the Honda Odyssey and Beatles Sub distract from the rest of the goodness in Hot Wheels Batch L…

Hot Wheels Batch L has been all about two models so far: The Honda Odyssey and Beatles Yellow Submarine.  And rightfully so.  Both are models that came completely out of right field, and both are done exceptionally well.

But the rest of Batch L is no slouch.  The Forza Motorsport ’16 Camaro SS adds to the long legacy of Hot Wheels Camaros, and it surprises me a bit to be happy to see another one.  The Camaro has taken a back seat to some other models these days, but it is still nice to see another.  And this one is super nice.

And it goes on.  Another ’07 Mustang, a casting I have always been fond of.  Recolors in white of the both the Ford Escort and Acura Integra (LOVE the white Integra!).  A fantastic release of the Lambo Sesto Elemento, which should always sport eye-popping colors like this.  And a recolored Raptor that looks a lot different than the previous version.

That is a fair amount of models for collectors, all things considering.  Go for the Odyssey, stay for the Camaro…

5 Replies to “Don’t let the Honda Odyssey and Beatles Sub distract from the rest of the goodness in Hot Wheels Batch L…”

  1. The Camaro looks badass! Exactly how the Camaro should look. But my favourite is the Sesto Elemento. Not as awesome as the original in signature matte grey, but still cool. Even the white Integra, which I think looks better than the yellow. The Mustang, too, is cool!

  2. Found this case today at Asda in the UK…the white Integra is epic (very Type-R)…yellow Esprit pretty cool too (very Matchbox looking)…also noticed the Odyssey has two child seats molded into the second row…

  3. I think I said it before but I'll say it again, the car I'm most interested in in this batch is the white Castrol livery Escort. I only just found the red Castrol livery Escort last week after having looked for it for months and it looks pretty swell but the Castrol livery looks even better in white.

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