No tampo errors are always the best kind of errors…

If you have collected for awhile, it has happened a few times.

You head to the pegs, and as you are searching, a model stands out, but you can’t figure out why.  Something is off.  You quickly look for another example to compare.  Sure enough, that first one you found is blank.  Naked.  No tampo.

There are other times where the no tampo error just stands out completely.  Maybe a black model that looks extra sinister.  Or a model that normally is covered in tampos looks strikingly clean.

To me, the no tampo error is the best kind of error.  It stands out, it is unique, and always fun to find.  I haven’t pulled back on my hunting lately, so I haven’t found many no tampos recently.  But I still have that trained eye, and just the other day I found two at the same store:

The truck is obvious.  Just look at the art.  The RX-7 required a double take.  Clean, that RX-7.

But my finds don’t compare to the two reported to me yesterday.  The first comes from a good friend, Shawn Hill in Canada, who found a pretty obvious Matchbox no tampo at a local Walmart.

That Suburban is fantastic, especially with the dark wheels.  Of course the NYPD livery looks fantastic, so I wouldn’t call it an improvement, but it definitely unique.  Plus, finding a Matchbox no tampo is a very rare occurrence.  It doesn’t happen that often.

Of course the main reason you are reading this article is that sinister 510 Wagon pictured up above.  A 510 Wagon no tampo is a splendid find.  A Japan Historics 510 Wagon no tampo is an amazing find.  Jimmy Pawlak (@hwc_redlines on IG) reported this model that he traded for a couple of days ago.  The person who found it came across it at a Safeway grocery store, and Jimmy is the lucky bastard who was able to make a trade for it.

Jimmy can’t totally tell, but he thinks it is blank on both sides, but it does have the tampo on the hood.  The JH Wagon is a good-looking model, but in straight black it is a gem.

So keep those eyes peeled.  Train those eyes too.  You will be surprised how much you can find.

And if you have some no tampos, share them with us.  I would love to see them…

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  1. I recently just found a no Tampo error of the Supra street slide set. Very exciting find. Definitely did a double take on it.

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