Matchbox shows why they should keep making wagons with the new Volvo V60…

Another unveil on the Matchbox Instagram feed yesterday:

A photo posted by @matchboxworld on May 24, 2016 at 10:57pm PDT


There is a a lot of angles to take on this unveil.  One, how great is the fact that the Volvo is debuting in polestar blue?  Or how the Volvo is just another great new model in what is proving to be a fantastic run of new Matchbox models.

But the angle I think is worth taking is how Matchbox and wagons are a perfect mix.  The V60 is not only a beauty, but it is another notch in a line of great Matchbox wagons.  We will jump into this a little deeper when we preview this one in a few days, but models like the Olds Vista Cruiser, Dodge Magnum, Mercedes E430, and Cadillac CTS come to mind when thinking of recent orange wagons.  Some old, some new, all cool.

But the model that the V60 seems to really be closest to is the Audi RS6 Avant:

A photo posted by Lamley Group (@thelamleygroup) on May 24, 2016 at 9:31pm PDT


Felix Holst’s pet project has always been a favorite of mine, and a model that has been missed the last few years.  I don’t think the Audi license is active at the time, but hopefully something happens to bring the RS6 back.  But the V60 fits in wonderfully.  Euro wagons really have a lot of style, and the V60 and RS6 fit in wonderfully.  It does leave a nice wide open space for a Bimmer or Merc Wagon to jump in as well, right?

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  1. That looks fantastic! I just hope it's scale is not as bad as that of the jeep trailhawk. That trailhawk model was such a disappointing model. I mean it's details were great, but it looks so puny against other models

  2. Haven't you seen how small MB models are getting. Many are close to 1/87 scale. Look at the Ford pick up models. But I was thinking how big the Cherokee is compared to other true 1/64 models. And it is pretty close in scale to the old Cherokee and the Liberty, its familial predecessors.

  3. But Matchbox models are not always 1:64. The scale was “1:box”, so they all could fit in the same box. Most of Matchbox cars are around 1:64, but some are 1:52, 1:76, 1:90 and even 1:144. The idea is to all cars have the same size, not the same scale.

  4. Yes MB models were always fit the box. But the trend has to make models smaller than before. Compare a F150 form the 80s or 90s to one of today. Do the same for sedans, buses etc. They are all much smaller.

  5. i am so glad to know matchbox is rolling out a new volvo casting, and a beautifull one at that. I really hope the designers will hear me out. Please make a 1995 volvo 850 t5r ether sedan or wagon. they are great looking in signature creme yellow and where very fast for the day. a perfect matchbox model.

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