The 2016 Matchbox Gathering of Friends Convention is two months away. Here is your first teaser…

Only two months!

Sounds crazy, but the 14th Annual Matchbox International Gathering of Friends is rapidly approaching.  In exactly two months, Matchbox collectors from all over the world will descend on Albuquerque, New Mexico to nerd out on all things Matchbox new and old.

Hopefully most of you are aware of the Gathering.  If not, this is what is considered the “Official” Matchbox Convention every year.  The event was started by Jim Gallegos 14 years ago, and Matchbox has adopted it as their official event every year.

And the 14th Gathering should be a doozy.  There is more curiosity about where Matchbox is headed than there has been in awhile, and the team is coming prepared.  They will present the new models for 2017 (besides the G63 6×6), present as many prototypes of upcoming models they can, and answer as many questions as they can.  Gerry and the gang have a little more time under their belts with the brand now, and plan on making this pretty fun.

Between that and the fun that is the Gathering in general, there are ample reasons to head to the Southwest and take in New Mexico in July.  This will be my 9th time in a row attending, and it is the one diecast event I never plan on missing.

Oh, and there are two other reasons collectors come.  The models.  There will be two Matchbox-produced Event Exclusives this year.  A Dinner Model for all dinner attendees, as well as a Dealer Model for all those reserving a seller’s table at the Toy Show on Sunday.  And like previous years, these models will not disappoint.  In fact, I would go out on a limb and say the two models this year will be among the most popular ever offered at the Gathering.  The combination of smashing good looks and ridiculously-low production number make these highly sought-after.  Saying there might be a push for them on eBay is a bit of an understatement.

In fact, here are the numbers.  Only 155 Dinner models are produced, plus 75 of the Early-Registrant variant (same model, only with a variation to specify 1 of 75), and only 260 Dealer models.  When you think about it, those are crazy low numbers.  The lowest Hot Wheels Convention models are still produced in the thousands.

So, avoid that competitive secondary market by planning on attending and make a trip out of it.  There are a few limited spots left, so register ASAP!

And this year, we are doing something slightly different.  Jim is going to unveil the two models here on Lamley before the event, but that isn’t for a few more weeks.  He did provide us a bit of a teaser on the fabulous Dealer Model, which this year, like the Dinner Model, comes in a plexiglass case:

Any guesses?

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  1. I unfortunately wouldn't have the economic means to attend this event but I wonder if it will be announced that Matchbox will develop the 2015 Chrysler 300C for the 2016 line up when I viewed the prototype version less than a year ago.I discovered it on-line of course.

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